Review of 2017 the Utah Readers Luncheon

Welcome to Mary's Garden. I was actually going to give you a tip from the resident gardener, however, the cubbies are on. Not going to happen. Let me go find one...

Weekly Gardening tip:
Spray your favorite garden shovel with a silicone or Teflon lubricant to make shoveling a breeze. A good coating of this spray will make any type of soil slip right off the shovel without a mess. From the Readers Digest Gardening Tips for beginners.

I was lucky enough to co-host a table at the 2017 Utah Reader luncheon this weekend. I wanted to share my experience with you.
A few pictures from the Luncheon
Just finished getting our table ready with all our goodies!

Signing prior to the luncheon - Stanalei Fletcher

Judy Baker

Jill Shalvis and RaeAnne Thayne
Signing my books for one of our table guests

RaeAnne Thayne Welcome

Jill Shalvis Keynote

Stanalei Fletcher

At the after luncheon Signing

You're invited to next year's Utah Readers Luncheon. The keynote speaker Susan Wiggs
Mark your calendar for October 13, 2018. More details to come:

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stanalei said…
It was a blast sharing a table with you, Mary! Looking forward to next year!

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