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August News and Notes

 Welcome to Mary's Garden where imagination blooms! Our quote of the day: You always pass failure on the way to success.  ~~Mickey Rooney I haven't had much to report the last few months, mostly because I work a full time day job and only write/edit an hour before work every day. And of course whenever I can on weekend's, writing retreats, or like our annual golf trip. Ronnie golf's I stay back at the camp ground and write/edit and watch the deer wander in. I'm very excited for this coming weekend, because it is the annual trip! I have been working on a thriller this past year. It is completed and I'm my second round of edits. Thisis not a romantic suspense, so this is something new for me. I started out my publishing career as a published author with some small presses. And for a brief nanosecond I had an agent. Then I went to Indie author. I have loved the freedom and control. However, I have decided to pitch my new thriller to some agents and reach for the br

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