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The President's Wife Blog Tour by Seelie Kay

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Before we get started with our guest, it's time for a garden tip.

We are in the process of doing a series of 10 from Better Homes and Gardens.

Tip 1: Get an idea. Tip 2: Pick a place.
Tip 3:Clear the ground. Tip 4: Improve the soil. Tip 5. Dig or don't. Tip 6. Pick your plants. Tip 7: Put them in the ground.

8. Water.Seedlings should never dry out, so water daily while they are small. Taper off as the plants get larger. New transplants also need frequent watering—every other day or so—until their roots become established. After that, how often you need to water depends on your soil, how humid your climate is, and how often it rains. Plants are begging for water when they wilt slightly in the heat of the day. Water slowly and deeply, so the water soaks in instead of running off into the street. To minimize evaporation, water in the early morning.
The President’s Wife  by Seelie Kay
Seelie will be giving away  an ebook of The Garage Dweller to three lucky winne…

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