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Welcome PJ Sharon - Dealing with Garden Pests and Writing What You Know

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Today I'm letting PJ give our garden tip. 
Gardening Tip: Recipes for natural pest control. Here are two great sites I found for Natural Pest Control, including safe, effective, and easy to concoct recipes to keep your garden growing and the planet happy! 
Tree Hugger shared these eight natural and homemade insecticide recipes while Gardening Know How has these organic garden pest control suggestions. There’s some overlap here but I like options when doing research and these are all simple, earth-friendly solutions made from ingredients you can find around your home. Which brings me to today’s topic… Research vs. “writing what you know”
Common advice for writers is to “write what you know.” This makes sense for several reasons. Writing on familiar topics—especially ones for which we are passionate—allows us to write from personal interest and expertise and has the advantage of creating a deeper connection with the reader through shared sensory experiences.…

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