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Stanalei Fletcher's January Blowout Sale Blog Tour

Welcome to Mary’s Garden. 

We have a treat today! Long Beach Gazette’s Jason Remy will be interviewing Author Rosalee Kane.

Jason: Thank you for agreeing to visit with me today, Ms. Kane. Before I get down to the nuts and bolts of my interview, I’d like to get to know you a bit, is that alright with you?
Rosalee: Of course. Ask away!
Jason: Ms. Kane, can you tell us a little about you and your family?  
Rosalee: Please, call me Rosalee. Oh my. Just a little bit, eh? Well, I suppose if you read my memoir, then you can learn all you’d care to know. But to start with, I’m a romance author at heart. I just love happy endings, although I’ve never been married myself. I’ve learned to find love where I’m at and enjoy life to the fullest. I have a lovely little family with my nephew and his two grown sons. We love to get together when we can.
Jason: Do you have a writing routine? An assistant? Share with our readers how you write a Memoir.
Rosalee: My routine rarely varies. I write nearly every da…

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