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Announcing: Two Authors, Books, & a Beverage Expansion!

 Welcome to Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. Our quote of the day: The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. ~~ Robert Tew, writer I'm very excited to share with all of you, Judy and my expansion idea for our Two Author, Books, & a Beverage YouTube group . We have decided to take our interviews to Facebook .  We are now Two Authors, Books, & a Beverage Club.  Each guest author will be highlighted with their recorded interview on our FB group for one month. The 1st Tuesday of the month there will be a Q&A session LIVE from 7 to 9 Mountain Time. Their interview will be available for viewing for two weeks. All interviews will be on our YouTube channel indefinitely. At the end of the month everyone who has left a comment about the guest author's books, or asked a question during the month and live session will be entered into a drawing for a book or prize.  We will post their bio's, social media links and other pertinent

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