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Welcome to Mary's Garden, I need some advice. First it's time for the garden tip. I have borrowed some tips on growing vegetables in the fall from Mother Earth News.
Tip 1. Starting Seeds
Tip 2. Think Soil First
Tip 3. Try New Crops
Tip 4. Watering Fall Garden Plants: Keep ’Em Soaked
Tip 5. Go Mad for Mulch
Tip 6. Deploy Your Defenses Against Garden Pests
Luscious little seedlings attract a long list of aggressive pests, including cabbage worms, army worms, and ever-voracious grasshoppers. Damage from all of these pests (and more) can be prevented by covering seedlings with row covers the day they go into the garden. Use a “summer-weight” insect barrier row cover that retains little heat, or make your own by sewing or pinning two pieces of wedding net (tulle) into a long, wide shroud. Hold the row cover above the plants with stakes or hoops, and be prepared to raise its height as the plants grow. See The No-spray Way to Protect Plants for more details on using row covers in your ga…

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