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Win a seat at the Utah Readers Luncheon

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Today you're stuck with me. However, I have an exciting announcement. But first let us have our garden tip:
If you love gardening but your life is a busy place, you're going to love this batch of great gardening tips that will help you plant, weed and water your garden more quickly. From bringing plants home from the nursery to easier watering and pruning techniques, these tips will help you plant and maintain a gorgeous garden with less effort. Less weeding and more relaxing…now that's great gardening!

Have you ever been to a Utah Readers Luncheon? They're so much fun. Not only for the readers but the authors. Last year I hosted a table with two other Authors. I met new people I also found a new favorite author. Jill Shalvis was the key note. What fun. I share hosted my table with Judy Baker and Stanalei Fletcher. We had all kids of goodies.
Everyone walked away with a bag full of bling and a won something at our table.

It was nice to get to …

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