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Welcome Pandora Spocks!

Welcome to Mary's Garden. We have a guest today, Pandora Spocks, she's introducing her new release Chasing Ordinary
First we need to have our garden tip of the day! This works best if you live in the northern Midwest: What are your best tips for getting the timing right when planning and planting a winter garden? Watch the weather forecast for snowfall and drops in temps.Observe results of trial and error, and learn to count backward!I start in the first week of November while there is still a bit more warmth and sunshine to give the plants a head start for the colder, darker months ahead.As winter can and does start as early as the first killing frost in fall, I do not plant a winter garden. We only have June, July and August in which to grow a garden, and this year my last killing frost was in June. The killing frost last fall was in September. Now let's hear from Pandora!

Chasing Ordinary By Pandora Spocks Pandora is giving away The Dream Dominant Series 3 Book Bundle to…

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