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Manure Tea and the Art of the Twist

Welcome to Mary's Garden Blog and welcome PJ Sharon. It's always nice to have you visit. 
Gardening Tip: Manure Tea Recipe I first came across this recipe several years ago while listening to a morning radio show in CT, featuring The English Lady—a wonderful gardening expert who fielded questions from listeners and offered advice to would-be gardeners. She recommended fertilizing a few times a summer with “manure tea”—which sounded like a disgusting concoction but turned out to be liquid gold for my garden. I made and used it a couple of years in a row, and let me say, it was the best my perennial bed has ever looked! 
Here’s a rundown of the step-by-step process from the Gardening Know How Blog.
The art of the twist…
What makes a good story become an amazing story? For me, it’s when something unexpected happens that I didn’t see coming, yet it makes perfect sense for the plot. Although I love all kinds of genre fiction and read everything from romance to mystery, historical to fa…

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