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Better She Lie by Judy Baker

Welcome to Mary's Garden Blog. Today Judy Baker is here to tell us about the next book of her Silver Sage Creek Series
First let's do our 5th tip for our Garden. From Better Homes and Gardens.
Tip 1: Get an idea. Tip 2: Pick a place.
Tip 3:Clear the ground. Tip 4: Improve the soil.
Tip 5. Dig or don't. Digging loosens the soil so roots can penetrate more easily. But digging when the soil is too wet or too dry can ruin its structure. Dig only when the soil is moist enough to form a loose ball in your fist, but dry enough to fall apart when you drop it. Use a spade or spading fork to gently turn the top 8 to 12 inches of soil, mixing in the organic matter from Step 4. In vegetable gardens and beds of annual flowers, turn the soil only once a year in the spring before you plant.
And now welcome to Judy Baker.... Judy Baker grew up in the Tennessee, but has lived much of her life in the west. When she moved to Nevada to teach school, she was compelled to write the stories that fille…

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