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Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway hop!

Welcome to Mary's Garden. I have something special today. First it's time for the garden tip. I have borrowed some tips on growing vegetables in the fall from Mother Earth News.
Tip 1. Starting Seeds
Tip 2. Think Soil First
Tip 3. Try New Crops
Several of the best crops for your fall garden may not only be new to your garden, but new to your kitchen, too. Set aside small spaces to experiment with nutty arugula, crunchy Chinese cabbage, and super-cold-hardy m√Ęche (corn salad). Definitely put rutabaga on your “gotta try it” list: Dense and nutty “Swede turnips” are really good (and easy!) when grown in the fall. Many Asian greens have been specially selected for growing in fall, too. Examples include ‘Vitamin Green’ spinach-mustard, supervigorous mizuna and glossy green tatsoi (also spelled tah tsai), which is beautiful enough to use as flower bed edging.

As you consider the possibilities, veer toward open-pollinated varieties for leafy greens, which are usually as good as — or …

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