Friday, April 29, 2016

It's going to be hard, but someone has to do it!

Welcome to the garden. Grab some goodies off the table and pour your favorite beverages. It's hopefully warming up. Find a spot and relax.

Today I have to tell you what I have to do the next week. It's grueling, but someone really has to do it. I know you will all feel sorry for me when you find out what it is.

Today, April 29, 2016, I am embarking on a journey. It involves a long air flight (2 hours) and then a long drive (2 hours) and we arrive at our first destination. Calistoga. Yes, the northern end of the Napa Valley. We're visiting my husband's sister and her husband. While we're there we'll be forced to visit various wineries, maybe golf, and heaven forbid my sister-in-law and me may go for massages.

After a day or two of this torture we're going on a side trip to Mendocino. Where of course, the torment will continue. Long walks along the beach, good food, and more wine.

And when we can no longer stand all this agony. We'll take off to my other sister-in-law's home in Forest Ranch, a quiet little town where we'll have the misery of peace and relaxation. Until that is, we'll have to pick ourselves up out of our easy chairs for Cinco-De-Mayo when we will be forced to journey to Chico and endure the Thursday Nite Market in the streets with music, etc.

Friday we'll have to suffer through a trip to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for a tour and lunch. On Saturday the family will be gathering for a BBQ and to view, on the big screen, the Kentucky Derby, almost the worst tribulation.

The worst thing of all though is... NO DAY JOB!

Somehow, someway, we will do our best to manage the next nine days. I will post some pictures on my Facebook page through out the torture.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hold on to your hats, it's book signing week!

Welcome to the garden. Please help yourself to the appetizers, they're left over from the University of Utah Red and White game last Saturday. The ultimate tailgating contest was appetizers so you're in for a real treat! And of course we have Mimosas. Treat yourselves and settle in. If you do not know what goes into a book signing, your'e about to learn. You're going to help me with my check list for a book signing!

A couple of weeks ago my first middle grade/young adult book come out. History Mysteries. I blogged about it at the time. Check out that blog for details about the journey.

Now it's time for our book signing, is everything ready? Let's go over my
check list.
1. Set date and get venue. Check.
2. Press release. Six weeks prior to the event. Check (along with a reminder two weeks before.)
A. Make sure all the information is correct. I use a template and just change the information. All looks good and sent off. CHECK.
a. Too bad I left the last event address. Sigh.
3. Take pre-orders so you have enough books for the signing. Check
4. Order books to get here prior to the book signing. Order a few extra for those who forget to pre-order. Check
A. After it's too late to order, several people say... OH, I want a book. Sigh.
5. Set up sale (on Amazon) June 1, to June 8, 2016. Check.
6. Schedule blog post for the week. Doing now.
7. Send out news letter. Coming up next.
8. Books arrive.
A. Sort. Put stickies on all pre-ordered books.
9. Night before books signing:
A. Gather everything and pack in box.
a. Sorted books.
b. Table cloth for table.
c. Pens for signing.
d. Author stickers (signed by author).
e. Business cards.
f. Candy, or goodies for table.
10. Everything ready.
11. Night of the signing. Relax and have fun!

History Mysteries Signing
April 27, 2016
Nonna's Pizzeria 6 to 9 pm 8979 W 2700 S, Magna, Utah 84044

Goodreads Book Giveaway

History Mysteries by Mary Martinez

History Mysteries

by Mary Martinez

Giveaway ends April 27, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Entertain me, don't depress me!

Welcome to the Garden. How is everyone? I hope you're having a wonderful spring. Help yourselves to some goodies and a beverage and settle in for a chat about entertainment.

When I read a book, go to a movie, or even a play I want to be entertained. That does not mean depress me. I have season tickets, or had season tickets to one of the small local play houses, over the past two years the plays--though interesting--became progressively more depressing. The other night I went with my friends to Stupid Fucking Bird, and thought it was okay, it was depressing. Were there funny parts? Yes. Were there serious parts? Yes. But the depressing parts outweighed the others. The play ended with the characters telling what happened to them years later, Like one died at 61 when a drunk driver hit one, one died in nine months confused but content. Then one held a gun to his head "I shoot myself", then he lowered it "or not." Depressing.

Give me comedy. I want to laugh my ass off. I took two of my grandsons to see Deadpool... Yes I know Bad Nana but in my defense, it's a Marvel comic, I thought how bad can it be? And my son went with us. Of course, amidst our laughter my son and I were raising eyebrows at each other during several scenes. So yes, that was entertaining and raunchy and I loved it.

If you can't give me comedy, give me suspense. The kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Wondering what is going to come around the corner. The kind you're screaming at the character "Don't go there!" Because you know what's on the other side of the door, or down the stairs. Etc.

What it comes down to, if you want to entertain me, I want to see something that I have to wear a Depends because I know I'll be laughing so hard I'll pee my pants. Or I have to wear a diaper because I'll be so scared I may poop my pants.

That all being said... Give me a concert! If I can't find comedy or suspense music takes me away. I have my earbuds in so I can listen to my tunes all day. Music feeds my soul. I know I'm a dork.

Yes Entertain me. DO NOT depress me. Life is depressing enough as it is. Everyone has drama, sadness, frustrations, and depression in every day life. Maybe not every day but you get my drift. Movies, Books, and plays should take you away from all of your daily stress. Entertain you!

What entertains you?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Potty Talk

Welcome! Today, you'll be very glad we're in a garden. Please visit the goody table, fill your plate and pour yourself a beverage. Settle in, we're going to be discussing a smelly subject.

At my day job, I'm the floor manager. This means, among my regular job duties, I take care of all the complaints for the 2nd floor. I make sure the right people are informed. I normally do not mind being the floor manager, it gets me out of the cubicle and to meetings. I get to crack a whip during the Great Shack out--this is the day we have an Earthquake evacuation drill.

However, my least favorite duty of being the floor manager is the complaints about the women's bathroom. I receive them on a daily basis. The sink doesn't drain, water is leaking by the handle of the toilet, the hand towel dispenser is broke. There is a spill of unknown origin on the floor, and the list goes on. But the most common is: The bathroom stinks. WELL HELLO it's a fucking bathroom.

Come to find out, there is some chemical that the cleaning crew is supposed to be pouring down the drain every day to help keep the ammonia smell away. For awhile (two days) I had no complaints. Then to my dismay the other day, I received a complaint that the cleaning detergent they are using in the bathroom stinks, really?

I give up, I cannot please everyone. What is your least favorite thing to do at your job? Whether it is stay-at-home mom or a CEO, there has to be something you'd like to have go away!

Friday, April 01, 2016

No Fooling, History Mysteries -- Available NOW!

Welcome to the Garden! It's a great day, one I've been waiting for, for over five years! Find a plate and fill it with goodies and poor yourself a glass of your favorite beverage.

Five years ago my three oldest grandsons and me went for a walk-about. no, it wasn't the outback but our little town of Magna. We took a gazillion pictures and came home and built a town and placed it on the coast of California and dubbed it Cliffdale.

Cliffdale, CA
Then we came up with some awesome characters and plotted the chapters together. That took two years. Then I stepped in to write the story and put the chapters together. And with any creative process, sometimes characters have a mind of their own. And sometimes there are a few character surprises.

I'm so excited for Launch day!
April 1, 2016
Book Signing - April 27, 2016, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Magna, Utah
Pre-order your book by April 10.2016, Please email me with your order.
This story is for ages 9 and up. Really fun for all ages. Well I may be a little biased.
History Mysteries
by Mary Martinez, Marcus, Zack, and Tony

Nick Adams has mixed feelings about visiting his nana for the summer. On the one hand, he’ll get to see her and his two younger cousins, Zeke and Bart, but then they’ll be stuck all summer in the small coastal town of Cliffdale, California—a place they all believe will be boring.

When the boys arrive, they ask Nana if they can ride their skateboards around town. Nana agrees as
long as they stay away from the house next door. She explains that fifty years ago the owner, Albert Smith, arrived out of nowhere and bought the house, then disappeared just as mysteriously.

Despite Nana’s instructions to stay away from the house, Bart convinces his cousins it’s haunted, and they can’t resist exploring. They are determined to use their special gifts to discover what happened to Albert Smith….and while they are busy discovering, they find they have a lot in common with the people in Cliffdale. Gifts.
Available Now at Amazon

Monday, March 28, 2016

Got Opinion?

Welcome! It's finally spring in the garden. Settle in with some goodies and a lovely beverage and let's begin.

If you noticed the subject line I need your opinion. Here's the deal, I write, maybe you've noticed. Like all author's I go to conferences and workshops, etc. And since I want to sell books I am always interested in marketing and promotion. The problem is... Every instructor tells you something different, with the exception of Brand and/or name recognition.

Of course, I've done that. I think. I have my button and my name recognition, Mary Martinez Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. but I get bored easily and I like to change things up. To
help me with this small little problem, I figure a garden has to change seasons, right? I change my banner with the seasons. Still has the same forward layer, it's just the background that changes. Luckily, Sheri McGathy is my cover artist and she does my banner also, she helps me fix my habit of change.

But that is not what I need your opinion on. Here is where the workshops differ. I need to know your thoughts on the following:
1. As a reader (even if your an author) what do you like to see in a blog? Posts about what interests the author? Character Interviews? Interviews with other authors? or Reviews on books?

2. When you go to a blog, can you tell the difference between Blogger vs. WordPress? And do you prefer one over the other?

3. Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. What do you want to see from an author? What would prompt you to buy one of their books? Posts about the author only, would this interest you enough to check out their Web site? Maybe a combination of posts on their books and personal posts?

4. What is the number one thing that an author can do to entice you to buy one of their books?

Or is it what I've come to believe: You have to be born under a lucky star, on St. Patrick's day, the planets, galaxies, and the constellations all have to be in alignment for an author to be successful--if they wrote a great book.

Any thoughts or opinions are very welcome!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Remember the old 1970 safety release ski bindings?

Welcome to the garden. It's spring and it's finally warm and we can sit out and enjoy the sun. Fill your plates with goodies, and pour yourself a beverage. I have a story for you.

One of our many grandsons likes to ski, among a bunch of other stuff, and this morning was his last lesson of the year. We got up early to go to Brighton Ski Resort. What a beautiful day, still we dressed warm and I took my boots in case. When we got there they were directing traffic to park and the lot didn't look snowy. I decided I didn't have to change into my snow boots. Remember that tidbit for later...

As we drove in, memories struck. It's been years since I've been to Brighton. If you lived in a state or country that had skiing, did you have those kids who were skiers, you know the ones who ditched school and the next day they had bright red faces? By the end of the ski season they had brown leather ski face? Well that was me. Yeah nobody used sun screen back then. Well Mom always asked, have you put some sun tan lotion on? (you know that's what it was called back in the day, Coppertone, the ad had the dog pulling down the swimsuit of the little girl.) Of course I always told her yes, and I didn't. And me being Irish, I have paid the price of no sun screen.

Anyway, I finally get to the post subject. Do you remember, if you are even old enough to remember, the safety release ski bindings? I had the metal step in toe. But there was a strap or something, if I remember correctly that attached to your boot so if you bit it and your ski's popped off it wouldn't go rocketing down the hill. Which is a good thing for me, I would have lost a ski more times than I would like to count.

I could tell you lots of ski stories but one sticks out in my mind. And unfortunately, my grandson (another one, I have a gazillion) has been leery of ski lifts ever since I told him about it. Anyway, I was skiing with friends and I thought I was secure in my skis. We were on the lift and at that time (maybe they still do) they had a big rope net attached at the end of the lift right before the chair went over where you skied off. Well, I always wondered what it was for, that day I found out. My ski binding unlatched and dangled and as I went over the net, the tip of my ski caught and flung me out of the chair. Luckily I landed on the ledge where everyone ski's off. I was so embarrassed--didn't matter that my knee was on fire, the guy at the booth was HOT and he had to stop the lift and untangle my ski and help me up. Then they wanted to call the ski patrol to take me down on a ski toboggan. "No way!" I said. So I skied down, and of course to this day I have a bad knee.

Today however, we were just were there for the breakfast in the lodge and to watch our grandson. So, no injuries, right? NOT! I am nothing if I'm not a klutz. Remember back in the beginning where I said I didn't change into my boots? I had sneakers on, My husband went down the hill instead of going through the ski shop. I took a step on the snow and realized it was pure ICE. I turned to go back in. I told my husband, "I think I better find another way out." And of course before I made it to safety my feet went out from under me, my coffee went flying along with my sun glasses and I landed on my ASS! No more coffee and my glasses broke. I jumped up like I meant to do it, but man do I have a sore tail bone tonight.

Just for entertainment purposes, here is a funny ski blooper video. I've actually run over someone before like in this. LOL.

Do you have any ski stories to share? Or maybe a memory that comes to mind from your youth, or when you do something with you kids/grandkids and you think "I remember when..." I'd love to hear your stories.

JUST an FYI I'm merging this blog to my web site. After April 1, 2016, this will just be an Archive only. Please check here and bookmark this page.