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Welcome PJ Sharon

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Hope you had a wonderful St. Paddy's Day. As I'm Irish it's always a month long celebration. It is PJ's monthly visit to the garden. Enjoy!

Garden tip: Force blooms of early flowering shrubs for a pop of indoor spring color! Cut branches of the pussy willow, forsythia, or quince to force into early bloom. Bring the branches indoors and place in a vase of water. They should bloom in a few weeks. Once pussy willows reach their peak, remove them from the water and allow them to dry. Aside from being a lovely reminder of those early spring days, they are a wonderful addition to dried flower arrangements that last all summer and well into fall.
Stalking the elusive Pussy Willow When I was a kid, I recall my mother taking me on early spring hikes in mid-March to gather pussy willows. We would tromp through the still-frozen, swampy lowlands by the Scantic River, not far from our house in suburban CT. We would get so excited; it was as if we were stal…

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Welcome PJ Sharon

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