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PJ Sharon is in the Garden

Welcome to Mary's Garden. This week we have PJ Sharon. It's always a treat when she joins us. 
Garden Tip: Putting your personal stamp on your yard or perennial bed is half the fun of gardening. Whether you’re into birdhouses, feeders, giant glass orbs, or ornamental sculptures, creating an oasis that speaks to your soul and brings you a measure of peace in a chaotic world requires a bit of whimsy. Being drawn to Celtic lore, gnomes and fairies are the perfect escape for me and create a sense of magic in my woodland garden. Let your creative streak take over, keep it in good taste, and don’t overdo…but have fun and make your garden a welcoming haven to all who enter! 

What’s on the other side of that door? I once took a cruise through the Mediterranean with my eighty-year-old mother-in-law. Fourteen ports in seventeen days. Now, I know what you’re thinking. First, WOW! How cool to see Europe that way? And second, OMG! Seventeen days traveling with your mother-in-law. Are you craz…

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