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Time to Plant your Bulbs for Spring! By PJ Sharon

Welcome to Mary's Garden Blog. We have one of our special guest back, PJ Sharon! I'm always excited to see her, she has some great tips!
Gardening Tip: Planning Ahead As summer fades and fall’s colorful pallet blesses us with its bounty, it’s a good time to contemplate Spring. I know; most of us are too busy dreading the long New England winter closing in to think about next Spring already, but if you want to enjoy an equally colorful May and June, you’ll want to plant your Spring bulbs before the first heavy frost. Early bloomers like crocus, hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips are ready to go in any time now. If you’re worried about squirrels and chipmunks digging them up, lay a small square of chicken wire over the hole before you bury them. You might want to consider planting Allium as well. Great for cut flowers, I like the giant variety, as they add a bold splash of purple in early June and spread a little each year. So, as you’re collecting your pumpkins and decorating for …

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