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Now Available In Search of the Cupán of Flúirse Book 2

Welcome to Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. I'm so excited about announcing the 2nd book
of my trilogy! But first the quote of the day: Every day is an opportunity to be creative – the canvas is your mind, the brushes and colors are your thoughts and feelings, the panorama is your story, the complete picture is a work of art called, ‘my life’. Be careful what you put on the canvas of your mind today – it matters. ~~Innerspace

Celtic Myst Trilogy In Search of the Cupán of Flúirse Book 2 Release Date: June 1, 2020
A magical chalice, a legacy with the dragons, and a destiny forged through the centuries.
BLURB  A journey through the ages, a battle with evil, and a sacrifice for all that was lost.
Aibell Brid, heir of the de Danann clan will need more than courage to find the lost relic of her clan. When the time comes, will she be ready to face her greatest enemy? With protector and guardian Amergin, she plans for battle, honing her skills, preparing for the day she can recl…

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