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Author Kelli A. Wilkins Shares 15 Fun Writing Tips!

Welcome to Mary's Garden. First we have a garden tip. Great shrubs.
Planting Tip
Most, if not all, shrubs and vines thrive best in soils described as "well-drained."
This means that the soil texture should be loose enough so that rain or irrigation water drains through quickly rather than allowing the roots to soak in standing water. Most average soils are naturally well-draining, but drainage can be a problem with dense soils high in clay content. If you have this kind of soil, the best way to improve its texture and drainage is to thoroughly blend in compost or other organic amendments before you plant. A regular top-dressing of additional compost will keep the soil texture ideal for sustaining plants.

Now, welcome Kelli A. Wilkins.

Author Kelli A. Wilkins Shares 15 Fun Writing Tips! Hi everyone! One of the most common questions I’m asked is: “Do you have any writing tips?” Well, yes, I sure do! Whether you’re a beginning writer just starting out, or someone who is more ad…

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