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Welcome to Mary's Garden. Again, I've decided to be lazy and do a video blog. However before I begin let's do the gardening tip of the week. Here is one from the resident gardener. (It was a commercial from NFL)

It's time to give your garden a new look, begin planning new plants and flowers for next spring. Determine what bulbs need to be dug up and what bulbs need to be planted.

Interesting links on book burning. 

It's not too late to register for the Utah Reader's Luncheon.
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Vamp Writer said…
While I may not like the content of a book and might even hate it, I don't believe in burning any book.
Mary said…
I'm with you there. I know how much dedication and time it takes to put words to paper and the thought of someone burning my thoughts makes me ill to my stomach.

Thank you for dropping by Vamp Writer.
Judy Baker said…
Lovely to meet you Nia, best of luck. I'm agree with you both about burning my books! I too put too many hours in to discard them, even the short novella hid away in my drawer!!!

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