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A Soldier's Secret

A Soldier's Secret is part of a series called The Women of Brambleberry House. I've only read this one book and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest. RaeAnne has donated an entire set to our Utah RWA basket the chapter is donating to Brenda Novak's Diabetes's Auction. You might want to check it out.

Anna Galvez inherited Brambleberry House from a dear friend, whom she misses terribly. The only problem is, it's a huge responsibility, not to mention old, needing a lot of repairs. She is determined to keep the house and make sure Abigail would be proud. Her life may be in tangles due to poor judgement where men were concerned, but she would not let Abigail down. Conan, the shaggy mutt she inherited along with the house has an uncanny human quality. He seems to know when to approve and disapprove of Anna's decisions.

Anna is also the sister of Danial Galvez from Ms. Thayne's Shelter From The Storm It was fun to get to know more of his family.

Harry Maxwell needs to find out why Anna and her friend sage inherited the house from Abigail and not one of her family members. He has his own agenda for renting out the top floor of Brambleberry House. And that doesn't include a relationship with the irresistible Anna.

When the two meet, you can tell they're going to be great together. The problem is Harry's secret. Why he is really there and why he's kept the secret too long. With the help of the uncanny dog and the undeniable presence of Abigail the two work things out.
I give this a 4 Fun read!


Natalie Acres said…
Thank you for the 'Happy Irish Day' wishes. I'm glad to find your blog and plan on checking out "A Soldier's Secret" as well.

Best wishes,
Natalie Acres

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