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Welcome to Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. For our quote today:

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine,
and at last, you create what you will.
~~George Bernard Shaw

Today it's all about what is new with ME! I had two Web sites, which I decided was a waste of money when I could combine them. So I did. And while I was at it, I did an overhaul. It's still the same clean design. However, I hope I made it more informative and user friendly. You can reach it by either MaryMartinez.com or MLFoxx.com Drop by and check it out. I would love to hear your thoughts. What will you find? Well let's see.

You will find that History Mysteries is the book of the month. It will be on sale through the end of June. Great for kids between 8 and 14 years of age.

eBook $.99 and Print $8.00
Amazon    Barnes and Noble   iBooks   Kobo
Zeke Adams has mixed feelings about visiting his nana for the summer. On the one hand, he’ll get to see her and his two younger cousins, Nick and Bart, but then they’ll be stuck all summer in the small
coastal town of Cliffdale, California—a place they all believe will be boring.

When the boys arrive, they ask Nana if they can ride their skateboards around town. Nana agrees as long as they stay away from the house next door. She explains that fifty years ago the owner, Albert Smith, arrived out of nowhere and bought the house, then disappeared just as mysteriously.

Despite Nana’s instructions to stay away from the house, Bart convinces his cousins it’s haunted, and they can’t resist exploring. They are determined to use their special gifts to discover what happened to Albert Smith….and while they are busy discovering, they find they have a lot in common with the people in Cliffdale.

On my ML Foxx pages you will see that the 2nd book of The Celtic Myst Trilogy will be out on June 1, 2020. Watch for the buy links...

Book 2 In Search of the Cupán of Flúirse

A journey through the ages, a battle with evil, and a sacrifice for all that was lost.

Aibell Brid, heir of the de Danann clan will need more than courage to find the lost relic of her clan. When the time comes, will she be ready to face her greatest enemy? With protector and guardian Amergin, she plans for battle, honing her skills, preparing for the day she can reclaim the Cupán of Flúirse.

​Knowledge is power and strength is in numbers. Amergin must trust in the words of Gaylord the Great. He will know when the time is near. With Aibell and a force of brave, trusted souls, they will face the witch, destroy her dark forces and return the Cupán of Flúirse.

Coming July 1, 2020! Something that I've been working on since 2013. My recipes from my cooking blog. 

The After Work Cook 
A cookbook for those who are hardworking individuals and want to come home and fix something
healthy for their family. Something that is appealing to all and something easy to prepare after a long day.

Surely I must be finished, right? Nope. There is a new section for my upcoming contemporary the Kinsey Lake Series.

And last but not least, my friend Stanalei Fletcher has a new release in June! You will hear more about it then but for now, it's available for Pre-Order!

Into Something Good
Cayme Foster returns home to deal with her mom's fatal illness and is faced with memories and secrets she'd rather forget. Her old crush and his adorable eight-year-old son will make it even more difficult to leave town again.

​Single dad Rick Morrison had his shot at marriage and isn't willing to risk rejection a second time. If only he wasn't compelled to rescue Cayme whenever he's around her, making it hard to keep his distance.

He's conflicted about helping Cayme save her home, but the truth rises with the floodwaters, and they just might find love on the high ground after all.

Thank you for dropping by, take care and stay safe!


stanalei said…
Love the new stuff, Mary! Congrats on the upcoming release!

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