Summer Reading Contest

Welcome to the garden, it's almost fall. My favorite time of the year. Because I love the colors, but mostly I love football season! Grab some goodies, if you'll notice it's tailgating food, and pour yourself a beverage. Find a seat and I'll tell you all about my contest that is about to end.

Summer Reading Contest

Tell us a little bit about your favorite summer read. Also, where did you read it? If you're in another part of the world tell us about your favorite winter (or whatever season) read. And where you read it.

Winner will win either a Read and Grow coffee mug or outside of the US a $10 eGift Card from Barnes and Noble.


I will announce the winner here on August 31, 2016.


stanalei said…
I almost always end up reading RaeAnne Thayne's Christmas stories during the summer. Don't know why, but it's starting to become a tradition for me.
stanalei said…
Congrats to the Winner!!

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