Romantic February!

Welcome everyone! It's only a couple of months until spring. Can't wait. You all know the drill, grab some goodies from the table and your favorite beverage and let's get down to R O M A N C E!

I love romance. I love to read romance. I love romantic movies. Pretty much everything romance. So I'm going to list some of my all time favorite romantic movies. Some drama's, some comedies, and some just plain romance! And some I just find romantic because of the kissing.

While You Were Sleeping

The Proposal

The Ugly Truth

Gone with the Wind

An Affair to Remember


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Dirty Dancing
The American President

True Lies (This one may make you say your over 18)

I could go on all day. These are just some of my favorites and as I right this last bit, I've already thought of more I could add. What are you favorite romantic movies?

Everyone have a wonderful romantic February!


stanalei said…
My all time favorite romance movie?? Sabrina. Both versions!

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