Welcome, it's fall and football, my favorite time of year. Find a spot, I have heaters spread around. You're welcome, as always, to fill your plate with goodies and have a beverage of your choice!

I'm going to ramble a bit about family. A few months ago my family expanded. You're probably thinking, new baby. And if you are, you'd be incorrect. I believe I shared with all of you my adventure of finding my birth mother. I went and visited her in May, we had a great visit and even went Ziplining. This weekend she came to visit me and meet, for the first time, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My husband and I are very busy, if not with family or friends, with our favorite college football team, the Utah UTES. When she was trying to figure out what day to come and visit us, I told her not to worry about our plans. We'd just take her with us. And this weekend just happened to be the ESPN College GameDay in Utah.

I'll share our itinerary:
My daughter and I picked her up at the airport. Then we went to meet my other daughter and two daughters-in-law for lunch, after they had to go back to work. So my daughter and I took her to my work and I introduced her to the few people that were there. Friday is a low key day at my work. Then we went for pedicures. After we went to the University Book Store to buy her a red UTE shirt for the game the next day. Later that evening I made dinner and while she visited with my husband, I made potato salad.
Just arrived

We were at ESPN College GameDay at 7:00 a.m. After we went to the tailgate lot for breakfast, where she met some of my friends, and my husband's brother and his wife came just to meet her. (They are not football people) Then we rushed to see my grandson's little league football game. And then we RUSHED back to the tailgating, where we relaxed and hung out until dinner. After we went to look around some of the booths they had for the kids, and back to our spot in time to get ready to head off to the game. It was an 8 p.m. game, luckily the UTES won and we got home at 1:30 a.m. Oh, have I mentioned my birth mother is 80 years old?

Setting up for tailgating and breakfast
Of course, we have to have mimosas
Ayden's little league game
Utah vs Cal

Relax and sleep in. Around 2 or 3 p.m. the family came for a BBQ and potato salad and a few other things. Where the rest of the family were introduced to June. She met her three grandchildren and their spouses and one of her step grandchilren and spouse and ALL eleven great grandkids. And relax the rest of the day.
All eleven grandkids
Ashlyn made a gift her her new Nana

Breakfast with one of the great grandchildren, then we'll walk her to kindergarten. After, she'll pack up and I'll take her to the airport where I'm sure she will sleep on the plane all the way home.

We've probably completely wore her out and she won't have enough energy to visit again.


stanalei said…
Looks like a super fun time. I hope she was glad she visited.
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you for dropping by Stanalei. I hope she was glad to visit also!

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