Roasted Pepper Season is here!

Welcome to the Garden. What is that smell? It's roasting peppers. They are making me hungry! Please help yourself to the goody table and pour yourself a drink. It's a bit cooler but at least it's sunny. Find a seat and I'll walk you through our method of roasting.

I know I make it sound like I'm an expert. Well, believe it or not. Today was the first time either my husband or myself have roasted peppers. It all started when out of the blue my husband said, "oh by the way I ordered a bushel of Anaheim peppers." And I asked, "why?"

Wash and place on pan
So I did my research which means, we both asked a couple of veterans, my critique partner and the man my husband bought them from. Then I went to All Recipes .Com and Food Network, then we took everything we'd heard and read and did what worked best for us. And here it is:

We chose to do ours in the oven instead of the grill. While the oven heated to 400 degrees, I coated the pans with California Garlic Olive Oil from Mountain Town Olive Oil. (I'm addicted to their olive oil!) Then we washed the peppers and placed them on baking pans.

We cooked them in the oven until the skins were starting to blacken. We turned them once or twice, because we wanted them to be tender. The time depends on how many pans you have in the oven. We used three and rotated them top to bottom and so forth so ours were in approximately 22 to 27 minutes each batch.

Place in pot.
Cover with wet cloth.
Once they were done we transferred them to a large pot, covered them with a wet dish cloth, and placed a lid on the pot. We left them in the pots until the next batch was ready to come out of the oven.

Remove stems.
Place in bags and freeze.
Once we removed them from the pots we pulled the stem off and placed four to five peppers in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer. We left the skins on, but after being in the bag and freezer we are told the skins come off very easy--this is something we'll find out in the future.

This process for the full bushel took approximately four hours from start to finish. And the total bags we froze were 25 w/5 peppers, 1 w/4 peppers and 1 w/3 peppers.

I can't wait to try some in chili Verde, salsa, or white chicken chili.


stanalei said…
Congratulations! I think you'll love em'.
Junie Anderson said…
I love peppers and can't wait to try this process. Thank you, Mary!!!

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