Today I'm going to ramble on and on about things....

Hi everyone! It's nice to have warm weather. Come fill your plates with goodies and find your favorite wine. You're going to need it to listen to my whine!

Do you ever say something you didn't mean to say? Or mispronounce something? How about, post too much on social media? Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, someone is going to rib you about it. Yes, most the time it's good natured. And good fun, for them. And if you're participating in the back and forth, that's different. When it's just aimed at you? It's not fun.

Maybe I take it too seriously. And years ago, I pretty much took it in stride. After all it was okay that my friends ribbed me about my 'maryisms'. Yes, my friends have dubbed my faux pas as Maryisms. However, year, after year, after year, of no matter what I do or say, someone finds something to pick on what I say or do, gets WAY old.

Here are a few examples, and I mean few! I asked the waitress at the restaurant where we were eating, where she came from. I misunderstood what she said because of her pronunciation and accent. So I asked "where is that?" Apparently, I was the only one who didn't know she said Mexico. It sounded like Mojito or something to me. Good grief. That was three years ago and I still get to hear about how funny that was whenever my husband or friends find someone who hasn't heard it.

Then I take one bad picture at football tailgating of a friend and post it on Facebook. My phone screen, at that time, was small and I couldn't tell the person had a sour expression. And my friend saw it and said 'HEY!' I've never heard the end of that either, and now I'm not supposed take pictures of anyone to post. So I thought, okay fair enough I wouldn't want to have a bad pic of me either. Now I post pictures of grandkids when they come over. Or food I cook. I love to cook. So what happens? Friends say 'Oh yeah the minute something happens, boom boom boom, Mary is posting pictures.' Or 'every time she eats, we see her food'.

Well sorry, what am I supposed to post? I post promotion items for my book, but no one wants to just see promotion and promotion. Isn't social media supposed to be social. I have two Facebook's, one for my author side and one for the family side. This was mostly on my family side. So I figure, now my poor author side friends will have to put up with my posts.

Apparently, I email, text, post, and whatever, too much. Anyway, after all that, I'm just saying it get's very, very old. Like I said these are only a few examples, multiply that by thousands and you'll get an idea of just how many examples I could provide if needed. It has come to the point that I am afraid to say or do anything, because of what someone will say. I'm afraid to be me.

But I try to keep being a good sport and I still smile and let myself be the brunt of the joke and the good natured ribbing but... So if there is someone in your circle of friends that always seems to be at the wrong end of the joke, try to remember how you would feel if people were always pointing out every single thing you say or do wrong, all the time.

Thanks for listening. I'm done whining now.

On the bright side, I just wanted to let everyone know about my Feel the Love Contest. It runs through the summer and the winner is my guest for lunch. Also, for the month of June (bride month) Three Brides and a Dress is on sale for only $.99.

Have a good summer!


Merissa said…
Mary, I am very sorry if we have hurt your feelings. I have nothing but the upmost respect for you and all you do. The football picture comments were directed at the person in the picture, because we like to tease each other. Not because you posted the picture. We all say funny things sometimes so when we laugh it is meant to be with you, not at you. If I do something that hurts your feelings or just makes you unhappy, please just tell me. I don't know to change if I don't know it was a problem. I do appreciate all that you do for us. I will make sure that you are not the brunt of our jokes.
Anonymous said…
Mary, I know how you feel. It is okay to joke and be joked with, but when it gets too much, it hurts. It's great to laugh at ourselves, but we all need to pay attention and take the time to 'feel' when it's too much. I think we all have it in us to know when a little ribbing is going too far. Good luck! From someone who's been there.
Mary Martinez said…
Merissa, thank's for stopping by. No, if any of our family did something I'd tell them. I updated the post. I hadn't realized how it sounded.

That being said, it's not fun when it's always directed at you from friends who thinks it's fun.

Anonymous, thank you for dropping by also.
Diana Peters said…
Mary, you are a Amazing person if people are going to do this to you it just means they have nothing better to do and your that important to put there energie into something that they think is funny but at your expense which sucks and that is how it was for me and ya at first it's like whatever but all the time its time to say enuf is enuf. I wish you luck cuz people should not treat you this way it is so elementary.
Diana Peters said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for dropping by Diana! I appreciate your thoughts.

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