Stanalei Fletcher is visiting today.

Welcome everyone! Stanalei Fletcher is in the garden. I hope everyone has a jacket because it’s cold. I have some hot drinks—yes and some Irish creme or peppermint schnapps to go with them. And as usual lots of goodies, help yourself and find a seat. I have the garden heaters on high and blankets on the benches so we should be good.

Mary: Welcome, Stanalei, I’m glad you decided to visit today. Before we start on all the authorly stuff, can you tell everyone about the everyday Stanalei? You know a bit of backstory!

Stanalei: Hi, Mary. Thanks for letting me share you garden bench and especially for such a warm welcome on a chilly day.

The everyday Stanalei is actually pretty boring. I have a day job in technical software support that keeps me from writing full time, but it also keeps me hungry for the spare moments I get to spend with my characters. I have four grown children who make my husband and me very proud for how well they’ve become responsible parents and just good folk. I’m a homebody for the most part. I think I’d rather be at home with my husband, than anywhere else.

Mary: LOL, I would like to be anywhere but at home, with my husband, but I like to get out! Now, let’s begin on the fun stuff. I hear through a very reliable source that you’re working on a suspense series. Can you tell us a little bit about Northstar? And, of course, what is it?

Stanalei: You heard that did you? Well, then, it must be true.
I do have five completed suspense novels that I’ve worked on over years. Since each story revolves around a fictional private security agency, Northstar Security Firm, I’ve left the door open to add more stories as the ideas come to me.

Northstar Security Firm is located in Washington, D.C. and will take on cases from all over the country. In some instances, the case maybe be a favor for a high-profile client, which is always fun to do. The founder of Northstar is a former CIA agent, Byron O’Neal. Shhhh…

Each story stands on its own, but characters will make guest appearances in other books. I hope as these stories become published, the readers will enjoy the thrill ride as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it.

Mary: Also, I seem to remember a bit about time travel. And you’re working on a contemporary romance? Now you may think my question is going to be about those—nope! What I’d like to know, is how you fit three different genre’s into your writing schedule? Is it hard to switch gears?

Stanalei: What a great question, Mary! I must admit, that, even though my time-travel and contemporary have similar tones, I’m really nervous about the contemporary. It’s my first venture into that genre and since I don’t have a villain chasing my heroes, I employ a very different thought process to keep the pace moving forward. But I love to read contemporary romances and really wanted to try my hand at one. I can’t say that it’s hard to switch genres, but I definitely need to pay attention and focus on the different expectations for each genre.

Mary: I know you have the dreaded day job so, please, share with us your secret of how you go to work, write, and still have a home life.

Stanalei: Another great question! First off, I have the most amazing, supportive man in my life. I couldn’t do any of this, if it weren’t for my husband’s faith in my ability to make this writing gig work. As much as I love my kids, I’m thankful they are grown and the schedule at our house revolves around me and my husband for the most part. During the summer we are locked into the garden’s needs, too. But the biggest thing that makes it all the pieces work is finding a routine and sticking closely to it. I know what days I can expect to have time to write and arrange the rest of my home duties around those days. It’s not foolproof, but over the long-haul, it’s worked for me.

Mary: Now, I’m ready to ask… Can you tell us a bit about your contemporary romance you’re working on, without giving away secrets, maybe a teaser, and when it may be finished?

Stanalei: I love reading hometown contemporary romances. I love the characters and the feel of community. So I’m taking a break from my suspense and working on a reunion story of sorts. It starts with a misunderstanding when the hero overhears the heroine and his sister talking and mistakenly believes the heroine is pregnant. Of course it’s not true, but what can you expect when you eavesdrop on a conversation you weren’t meant to hear? There’s also an impending flood, a jerk ex-fiancĂ© and a couple of mischievous 10-year-old boys. My intent is complete this story before the Christmas holiday and then start shopping it next year.

Mary: And… Now let’s have a blurb for your Lightning Only Strikes Twice along with buy links. Etc.

Stanalei: Here’s the blurb for Lightning Only Strikes Twice my time-travel romance: After her grandfather’s death, mounting debts force Annie Crawford to sell her inheritance to uphold her family’s honor and avoid bankruptcy. Financial stability comes with an even higher price. Her heritage. She must rebuild her legacy from nothing.

Purchasing Annie’s property means three things to Luke Maxwell: Financial burden on Maxwell Development. Opportunity to propel his career to the top by developing the old ghost town. And, ultimately, approval to take over his father’s company. All of which take precedence over his attraction to the pretty seller.

While touring the property, Annie and Luke are whisked back in time to the 1891 mining community. Together, they endure antiquated hardships and turn to each other for familiarity. Comfort soon becomes passion. As they face a lifetime in the wrong century, Annie and Luke discover a predestined responsibility to the future. Can the love they’ve propagated in the past take root in the present?

The book can be found in both print and e-book version at the usual venues, except brick and mortar stores. Here’s a link that offers all your choices:

Mary's Amazon review: I do not usually read time travel. This one is not your typical medieval time travel though. Nope, Annie and Luke travel back to the late 1800's to a small town in Idaho. It's small town now and then. This story had everything I love, suspense, romance, and intrigue. It's has a good lesson also, but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. But be careful, once you pick it up you won't want to put it down.

Mary: Last but not least, Imperfect Dream~Perfect Reality again, along with buy links. Thanks!

Stanalei: Here’s the blurb for Imperfect Dream ~ Perfect Reality (A Short Romantic Fantasy):

When Cindy’s dream man literally climbs out of her bed and into her life, her mediocre existence suddenly becomes extraordinary.

But sometimes, dreams are just dreams. And sometimes, reality holds the true promise of tomorrow.

This book can only be found as an e-book. Here’s a link that offers all your choices:

Mary's Amazon review: Cindy wakes up next to her perfect man, she wonders where he came from? But does it really matter? Enjoy him. This is a great short story. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know what happened with Cindy and the Sam Elliot voice guy. You'll need to read it to find out what I mean.

Mary: Before we call it a day, can you share with your new and old fans where they can find you? Web site, social media, Goodreads, and anywhere else?

Stanalei: Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me today, Mary. I’ve had a great day. See you at the book signing in December!

Anyone can check out my information on my website:
I also have blog:

Just an FYI to everyone Stanalei and I will be signing on December 14, 2013, at Marissa’s Books and Gifts from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.
More info on my site.

Now for some bling! Stanalei is holding a drawing for a signed print copy of Lightning Only Strikes Twice! Just comment with a question, or what you think sounds interesting about the book. Be sure and add your email address.

Thank you, Stanalei, I had a great time. Please come again soon!


stanalei said…
Thanks so much for having me, Mary. This was so fun.
Mary Martinez said…
It's a pleasure to have you! I'm glad you'll be around until November 3! And then someone will win some BLING!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I've already read Lightning Strikes Twice and loved it, so need to enter me in the drawing. I just wanted to drop by to support Stanalei.

This was a great interview, ladies (love the garden bench setting, Mary :))

Stanalei, I'm looking forward to the suspense series and the contemporary. Both sound wonderful, and the contemporary sounds like a lot of fun. Talk about a misunderstanding, LOL! Good luck with both of them, and your current releases!
stanalei said…
Thank for stopping by, Mae and for the support!
I've just returned from a long vacation and I'm hoping to get back on track with the contemporary.
I'm so glad you took time to say hi.
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