Quiet Launch......

April 1, 2013, Launch, Kick off, 
whatever you want to call it!
Book III of The Beckett Series is here finally! Scroll down to last weeks post for more details. Be sure to check out my web site and all social media so you'll know all the answers to the scavenger hunt questions for the grand prize! 
There will be other prizes, but you want the GRAND one don't you?
See you next week!


stanalei said…
Congrats Mary! Looking forward to next week.
Dear Mary I send you all my best wishes and greetings on your birthday and on launch of book third . I would love to read your signed book . Greetings and love Jarnail
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Congratulations Mary on your Quiet Release!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Everyone for your congratulations!

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