Kick off day for Bella!

My Bella is here to tell her story! I think I'm more excited about this story becoming available than any of my others, so far!

Three Weddings and a Dress -- Available Now!
TODAY ONLY Free on Amazon! (October 23, 2012)

Is Bella magic? Or does her mere presence invite Cecilia, Jessie and Ari to confide in her in order to discover what is truly in their hearts?

Bella is a wedding dress designed by the world famous Heidi by Design. All of Heidi’s dresses have their own name and personality. Once created, Heidi’s goal is for her girls to attract their soul mate. For when they meet, magic happens.

Cecilia Wilson is not Bella’s soul mate. As the days tick closer to the wedding, Cecilia realizes she wants the fairytale Bella represents. Something she will not have with her fiancĂ©. Cecilia leaves the groom standing at the altar and Bella on her dress stand. The Groom’s mother sells Bella in revenge, for a penny, on eBay.

It is apparent that Bella’s second bride Jessie Perez isn’t her soul mate, either. As the days pass, Jessie confides in Bella and comes to understand the most important part of the ‘I do's’ isn’t the wedding and all the trappings, but the union with the man she loves. Jessie and her groom flee down the fire escape of Classic Manhattan.

Abandoned at the wedding salon Bella awaits her fate. Then her soul mate, Arabella Davis, walks through the door. Even her name is appropriate—Arabella means answered prayer.

Electricity flies and a match is made. Yet, things are not perfect, as Bella had hoped. Ari has no intention to marry.

For Bella to have her day, she must convince Ari that marrying Gerard will not derail her dream of becoming a wedding dress designer—rival only to Heidi.

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