Mystery We Write Blog Tour

Once again I'm participating in the Mystery We Write Blog tour, it goes from April 16th, through April 27th 2012.  April 28th will be our wrap up post announcing all of our giveaway winners.

My Featured Guests for the tour:
April 16 - Marja McGraw
April 18 - Marilyn Meredith 
April 20 - Anne K. Albert
April 21 - M.M. Gornell
April 23 - Jean Henry Mead
April 25 - Lou Allin
April 27 - Earl Staggs

I will be be a guest:

April 16 on Earl’s blog
April 18 on Lou’s blog
April 20 on Jean’s blog
April 21 on M.M.'s blog
April 23 on Anne’s blog
April 25 on Marilyn’s blog
April 27 on Marja’s blog

Please mark your calendar and drop by to visit. The more you visit the better your odds at a winning a fun giveaway. Plus it's going to be interesting and fun.


Lindsay said…
I'll try to make a point of stopping by each day
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Lindsay! Hope all is well with you!
Hi, Marja, somehow I missed you yesterday, not sure why. I loved this post, it's always fun to learn more about you.


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