Interview with Regan Taylor

Welcome my final author who will be joining me in Calistoga, Regan Taylor, everyone please say ‘Hi’. Appetizer’s and beverages are over in the shade as always. Find a plate and fill it, then a seat and relax. Let’s get started.

Mary: First things, first. As I said, everyone can find out about your books from your site, etc. So please give everyone information on how to find out about your books. Web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and anything else you can think of.

Regan: You know, the easiest place to find all my other places is on my website at Go to the contact me page and it’s all there and then some.

Mary:  Thank you, now we have that out of the way. Since I’ve interviewed you before in the garden, I’m not sure what to ask. What I’m going to do is give you a bit of free reign about what you want to do. Why don’t you tell us something about yourself, I’d never think to ask you. Or maybe wouldn’t dare?

Regan: Hmm, I’m actually pretty introverted and don’t have an easy time talking about myself.  I lead a pretty quiet life and like it that way…I try to keep it a drama free zone with all the excitement coming from my writing or books I’m reading. I’m not much for TV or movies but do enjoy the old black and white classics—no thanks on the colorized versions. Books are my passion as far as things go. There is nothing like the escape to another time and place. With any or all of my three furfaced children, commonly called cats, beside me life is pretty nice.

Mary:   What are you looking forward too, in the coming years? Something on a personal level, not career wise.

Regan: Personally? More peace and quiet. My life is actually pretty happy and stable and I look forward to having more of that. Pretty dull, huh?

Mary:  When it’s rainy outside, and there’s nothing on TV, what is your favorite thing to do to pass the time?

Regan: LOL, I LOVE the rain. Cold, dark and rainy are my absolute favorites. I’m so not a fan of the sun and heat. My favorite jobs of all time were those working nights and weekends. As to TV, well, I don’t watch much, usually the news and I tape Jay Leno at night; I enjoy his monologue. I’m happiest sitting and writing or reading.

Mary: Maybe you should live in Seattle, LOL. Before we say goodbye, please tell us what your favorite words of wisdom are. In general—again not career wise. Remember we’re getting to know you. Not the author.

Regan: Hmmm, wisdom. You know, what works for me may not work for anyone else and I suppose that would be it. We’re all individuals with our own likes, dislikes and preferences and we need to step back and appreciate the differences between us and others. It can make for a very full life.

For more information about the Book Signing and Wine Tasting Extravaganza please check out my web site here.

Thank you, Regan, for joining me again. Please drop back any time. I’m really looking forward to meeting you finally.


Mary Martinez said…
Regan thank you for dropping by the garden! I'm so sorry I've been gone all day. But what a great interview!
Hi Regan. What a fun interview! I'm so jealous that Mary is going to meet you and I'm not. (pouts) But I told Mary to take lots of pics and give you a hug from ME!!


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