Brenda Novak's online Auction

For the last several years, author Brenda Novak has sponsored an online auction to raise money for Diabetes. The auction runs the entire month of May. Most items are up all month, but there some special items put up for a day or two. Once in a life time getaways. There is something for everyone! The last day is Tuesday May 31st.

I've donated a fun basket, I'll admit that it's not the most grand item on the menu. But it's fun. So far I've only raised $43. Only 6 bidders have chosen my small basket. WELL that is so NOT acceptable. It's a great basket, it has all kinds of treats. AND I spent more than that to put it together.

Where are all the Classic Movie buffs? You have to be out there.
Classic Movie Bucket
All the content:
Click here to bid!
And you get an autographed copy of Classic Murder; Mr. Romance. Watch the trailer, and then go bid. 
I have a challenge--for myself of course. This is posting at 1:00 am Mountain time May 28th. By May 31st at closing bid time, my goal is to have 100 bidders!
Are you up to helping me?


stanalei said…
On it!
Lindsay said…
Oh what the hell I'll go bid. But, if I win I want you to donate the movies to our soldiers.
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you both!!! I will donate the movies.
Grace said…
I think it's awesome you are doing this. I wish I could buy the basket. Would love it!

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