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It's still chilly in the garden so I hope you brought jackets. And I believe there's more snow in the forecast, when will it be spring? I have coffee and tea, grab some and help yourself to some tea cakes and let's get started. Today, Marie Higgins is in the garden with us.

Mary: Tell us about Marie the person, not the writer. What do you do to relax? What are your favorite foods, etc.?

Marie: Relax? Am I supposed to relax? Well...I work ten hour days, and come home to make dinner for my family. I've lived in Utah all my life, and I work for the state of Utah.My relaxing time is from 7-9:30. Needless to say, not a lot of writing gets done during this time. I live for my three-day weekends, though!  But what free time I do have, I spend with my grandkids. I'm married with two daughters and a stepdaughter, and three adorable grandkids. I'm grateful they all live close by.

My favorite foods? I guess it depends what kind of mood I'm in. lol  I love Chinese and Mexican (as long as it's not spicy). My favorite tv show is NCIS, but I probably only watch it once a month because I'd rather be writing than watching. lol

Mary: Tell us a bit about Marie, you’re background.

Marie: I've been writing romance novels for a little over 15 years. But really, it started way before that without me even realizing. When I was a little girl playing Barbies with my sister, we would make up stories (usually funny stories). As I got older, I wrote skits for my church which were performed and judged. I received awards for "Best Written" and "Funniest". This evolved into writing romance novels, which I just love to do! I have three books out with my publisher, Walnut Springs Press - and two more scheduled for this year.

Mary: What books shaped your desire to write? Who are your favorite authors?

Marie: I have to give credit to Kathleen E Woodiwiss because she was the first romance author I read. I was hooked from there on out. My earlier favorite authors were her, Judith McNaught, LaVryle Spencer, and Jude Deveraux. Now I have so many new favorites it'd take up most of this page just listing them. lol

Mary: How on earth did you come up with the concept of Hearts Through Time?

Marie: Well...about three years ago, Fangs and Fur was popular with the paranormal genre. I'm not really into vampires, and I wasn't in the mood to figure out a werewolf story, either. However, I was all right with ghosts. I wanted my heroine to be the ghost, and the hero the one to help her. One idea led to another, and soon a mystery took over the story. Since I love to write historicals, I knew I'd have to have the hero go back in time... lol One thing led to another, and wa-la!

Mary: Anyone need a refill? Let's stretch our legs a bit. Now we're read to move on to your story's! Instead of the blurb from the jacket, can you tell us a bit about your book?

Marie: Abigail is a ghost from 1912 who needs to find the person who killed her in order to pass over. Her grandmother (who had dreams about people) warned her that something bad would happen - but a man with the initials N.M. would help her. Nearly 100 years of being a ghost, Abigail finally finds the man who will help her, but the more she and Nick Marshal work together, the closer they become...and the more Abigail starts to feel real to Nick. As they start finding clues to the 100 year old murder, something happens that whisks Nick back to 1912 before Abby was murdered. Now he has the timeline - knows the suspects - but still can't figure out who killed Abby. He's racing against the clock to save her, and at the same time make her fall in love with him all over again.

Mary: So what is your next project?

Marie: The next story Walnut Springs will get is about a romance writer who can't find Mr. Right because she compares all of her boyfriends to the heroes in her books - and her boyfriends come up lacking. But the one man who she'd fashioned her first hero after comes into her life and disrupts her completely.  He wants to know why she used his name and identity in her first book...and he's willing to take her to court over it.

Although there is humor in this story, it's also very heart-wrenching because of what the hero is going through and trying to win back the love of his adorable twins.

Mary: Oh I can't wait for that one, sounds great. Now without further ado... I have read Marie's Hearts Through Time and I'm giving it my own personal review! I can tell you that Marie is not on my auto buy list.

I give Hearts Through Time 5 Orchids!
Abby and Nick have a connection and chemistry from the first moment she 'appears' in his office. The story takes you back and gives you a wonderful timeless love story. It's full of twists and turns, that I will not reveal because I do not want to spoil anything. I recommend reading this book! Check out the trailer.

And here is how:
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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


stanalei said…
Thanks for sharing about yourself and your stories. The book sound so much fun, I'm going to have to get my hands on it.
Clancy said…

It was good to know a little more about you.
Lindsay said…
Looks like I've got two more books to go into my Kindle's TBR list.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks everyone for visiting. I can't wait for you to read Marie's book! You'll love it!
Marie Higgins said…
Thanks, everyone - and especially Mary. I had such a fun time answering your interview questions. And I'm thrilled you liked my story!


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