How many of you have attended a writing conference? Or some kind of conference for something you're interested in? Was it beneficial? Did you feel like you received your monies worth?

I have attended writing conferences since 2005 and all have been great and they have all been Romance Writers of America. Either the national conference or a chapter conference. That is until last weekend.

I attended the DFW Writers Conference. There were writers from non-fiction, screen writers, magazine journalists to Romance writers. It was an awesome experience. Diverse topics were offered and I learned about non-fiction and screen writing. I came away inspired and ready to start a new project.

Not to mention I met some great new friends. All in all, I'd suggest finding a conference that is a little outside your genre and broaden your horizons. I still want to attend my RWA conferences, but it's nice to have a different view.

So tell me your best experiences.


Lindsay said…
I've gone to conferences since '06. That's 2006 folks. I'm not that old. And I agree, even if they are outside your genre they can be helpful-learn new things, meet/make new friends.
Mary Martinez said…
2006? I have you beat by a whole year LOL. Someday I want to make it to the Crime Back in the fall. Won't be this year though.
Lindsay said…
May do Thrillerfest in July but definitely Crime Bake
Mary Martinez said…
Oh Thrillerfest is my dream conference. But when I go I want to do the BIG package, which I can't afford. If you go, I'll live vicariously through you.

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