Winners are in the Garden

Thank you everyone for following my kick off of Classic Murder: Mr. Romance. I had many who dropped by and didn't leave a comment, and that's okay. I had several who followed and commented on most of the blogs. Again, thank you!

Recap of the last three weeks:
January 24th was kick off day and introduction to my new release.
January 25th I invited everyone to join my Newsletter. Every time I have a new release all my newsletter members are eligible to be in a drawing for my new release. I added all who joined during my kick off.
Winner - Vivian Toy 
January 26th Super Bowl Recipe contest.
Winner - Kate
January 27th Best fridge contest.
Winner - Slave Driver (Lisa)
January 28th  Interview with my Friend Amy (no winner for this day)
Blog Tour from January 31st to February 11
Winner of Photo Album and signed Copy of Watching Jenny - Anne (Please contact me)
Winner of a download or print copy of Classic Murder: Mr. Romance - She (Please contact me)

Thank all of you, again. And Congratulations to ALL the winners. Just a side note, I do not draw any of the names. For fairness I put all the names, of everyone who participated in each contest, in a hat and let my husband draw.

Stay tuned for more recipes, wines, travel or whatever coming to the Garden! If you'd like to be a visitor and discuss your favorite of any of the above mentioned topic please email me.


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