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Sorry not talking garden tools. A bit of my cooking history... When I was a toddler, teenager, in other words when I lived at home, my mom cooked. PERIOD. She prided herself on her cooking recipes and I could watch or help do the boring stuff, but when she cooked, her kitchen was her domain. Not that I'm complaining, we always had delicious fattening food, that went to my butt. on the table. I can only recall a few times when I didn't want to eat and my dad would say "Think of all the starving children in the world who would love to have what is on your plate." At which I would pick up my dish and offer it, "Here they can have it." Needless to say that never went over well.

However, I grew up. And I think I even dared say that once to my kids and I cringed and took it back quickly.

When I got married, I so didn't know how to cook. I'd ask mom for a recipe and she'd say stuff like, you just put a dash of this, or a pinch of that. Disaster. I'm not talking food. LOL. But my kids were perfect--don't tell them I said that.

Then I remarried and we both worked. All our kids lived with us, can you say 6 kids? 3 boys, 3 girls we were the Brady bunch with out Alice. Not to mention dinner time was different times for all. We ate a lot of pizza. After they grew up and moved on... Finally... I never wanted to see a pizza again. I'm just starting to enjoy it--sometimes.

Now it's just my husband and I. I am turning into my mother. I love to cook, though most the time I don't know what I'm doing. I am really enjoying trying new things. Except when they're inedible.  I'm even turning the kitchen into my domain. My husband will wander in to pick at the food or offer help and it's all I can do not to point and say in a stern manner "Get thee gone from my kitchen, heathen." But I refrain and bite my lip, sometimes very hard.

Anyway I'm finally getting to the tools. (Get your head out of the gutter) I'm talking cooking tools. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd get so excited over a Mortar & Pestle. But I dream about using the damn thing. I wish I were kidding. Not long ago I dreamed about how my story was going, and I'd get up and write with my characters. Now I dream of cooking.

Now that I'm really starting to cook seriously, I find I know nothing of the correct tools I need. Well other than the easy things like measuring tools.

So please help.  What is your favorite kitchen tool? And what and how do you use it? I will keep you posted on my cooking journey's. Please share yours.

Remember I'd love to interview any of you, if you want to join me in the garden email and let me know.


Lindsay said…
Would a coffee maker count as a kitchen tool. If it does, then it's my favorite. Then comes my very, extra sharp, the only way to have them knives.
Mary Martinez said…
Coffee maker I think is a tool. I am a coffee snob as much as I am a wine snob.
Lindsay said…
Works for me.
Anita Clenney said…
I grew up with down home southern food for the most part. My mom is a great cook, but nothing fancy. I do okay, but run out of ideas and I don't really have any interest in it. My hubby doesn't care for the foods I grew up eating. Like spaghetti. I thought everybody ate spaghetti, even us country folks. He's wonderful, never complains. So that makes him my favorite kitchen tool! Seriously, I have this little cookie spatula that I love. I use it for fried eggs, grilled cheese (I do make a GOOD grilled cheese sandwich)and cookies.
Mary Martinez said…
I'm with you--How can you not like spaghetti? But I guess some people don't.

Where did you find a little spatula? All of mine are too big. I have a small fry pan, perfect pan for one over easy egg. But then I always break the yolk trying to get it out because my spatula is too big!

Thanks for commenting!

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