Fun fridge day in the Garden

What does your fridge look like? Here's a picture of mine.

We have entries, see below!

If you'd like a chance to win a download of Classic Murder: Mr. Romance email me a picture of your fridge. (mary [at] mary martinez dot com). Please leave a comment that you've emailed me a picture. If I don't receive your email I'll know to check in spam.

I'll post it here through out the day. At the end of the day please come back and vote for the best fridge, in the comment. Tell us why you like it. I will post the winner on Saturday.

Keep checking back. To see the participants.

1st entry: Slave Drive

2nd Entry: Lindsay Downs

3rd Entry Carol John

Winner from yesterday recipe Contest is Kate-- Congratulations!

Everyone leave a comment about what Fridge picture you like the best. Tomorrow I'll pick a winner based on the comments.


Slave Driver said…
My fridge is a happy mix of utilitarian, travel souvenirs, and whimsical magnets. I even found one for a person who once was a realtor and is now a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife. How's that for creepy...

The magnet of the Pomeranian with the red lips is actually two magnets- the lips were from a dental appointment reminder magnet and I cut out the lips and stuck them on the Pom's mouth. Some people think it's funny. Others it squicks out. And I neglected to show you the side of the fridge that is next to the counter. That's covered also.
Lindsay said…
I'm a bachelor so good thing you didn't want a pcx of the inside.
I think I might be growing some sort of alien experiment.
Lindsay said…
I like mine the best until you look inside at the food experiments
Mary Martinez said…
I have a new recipe tonight, can't wait spicy sausage meatloaf. Which makes me want to listen to Meatloaf!
Carol said…
My magnets date back to when I was a young child, I was always amaze at the - and + ends of them and loved to try to force the - to the +, with a handful of round magnets my great uncle Geoff gave me,(that are on the frig somewhere!) Then the collecting began.,.I got magnets in my cereal's My favorite is Freakies Cereal
Fun pix frames with me and my dog "Shithead", and An-g and our grandson Macoy! Magnets to hang fun postcards, and cartoon strips. Then I started collecting them from my travels, from Australia to Alaska and everywhere in between. My husband has now helps add to the growing collection on his travels he brings me home "M&M's" (mugs and magnets) from where he has been. I have stuffed animal magnets,sand filled magnets, 6 telephone magnets that all ring from different phone eras.. (I did work at the phone co... LOL) some for causes and contacts. some for sports and some for fun!! I wont be able to see my frig when I am all done!!
Mary Martinez said…
The winner (voted on by my husband) is Slave Driver! Congratulations.
Slave Driver said…
Thank you Mary (and Ron!) I've had some of my for over 30 years, and purchase them when I travel. Several look like dog's that have been part of the family. Many are from friends business (Or authors like you and Marie Sterbenz) and some are just fun (Magnet poetry).

I can't wait to read your newest book!!! Thank you again.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks, Lisa, I hope you like it. Let me know when you finish.

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