Classic Murder is in the Garden

I know, it's not a recipe. However, I had a new book released on Friday so I'm going to do a little different today and Wednesday.

I'm going to tell you something food related about Katie and Adam. Who are they? Let me tell you a little bit about them first then.

Adam Russo is Mr. Romance. He didn't go after that title, he's just always been a romantic kind of guy--and gained a reputation. Close your eyes and picture Cary Grant.

Katie Sinclair has always wanted to be liked and/or loved for who she is. Not because she comes from a rich family or that she is beautiful.

Katie is Adam's assistant and of course she's madly in love with him, and man that he is, he's is totally oblivious.

Now here is the trailer -basically it's the blurb. It's more fun to watch than read.
You can read a blurb and excerpt here. And you can Buy here.
Later in the book Adam takes Katie to his favorite French restaurant in New York City. Le Bernardin where they order fresh seafood and the appropriate wine. Okay I know that was lame, you'll just have to read the book to find out why they were there. 
Wednesday you'll need to have on your thinking caps. Why? Because I'm going to have a contest. All those who post their favorite Super Bowl party dish will have a chance to win a free download of Classic Murder: Mr. Romance. 
I will post my favorite.


Lindsay said…
So, they went to a restaurant and ordered seafood and wine. Let me guess, you had them partake of white wine. Because we all know that you can only drink white wine with seafood, fowl and others of that ilk.
Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay that is not always true. A nice red Zin goes well with Salmon.
Lindsay said…
I consider Zin to be a blush. Not a red or white.
Mary Martinez said…
Not white Zinfandel which is a blush. I'm talking a red Zinfandel which is not a blush.

Look at

Old vine Zin, a nice bold red but it goes with salmon wonderfully.

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