Chocolate in the garden!

Today I'm in beautiful Park City, Utah at the annual Utah RWA Annual Conference. And tonight we're having a booksigning with special guest Christine Feehan. So what does this have to do with chocolate?

First we're romance writers, do you know anybody who writes who doesn't like chocolate? Second, after the bookssigning we're having Ophelia's Anti-depressant Chocolate Pond Party where there will be chocolate fondue and Seratonin refills on-tap for conference attendees until deep into the night. Yes the theme of the conference is Out, out damn plot; A conference in five acts.

I'm sure we will have loads of fun, and learn a lot. After all we're going to have a workshop with Christine Feehan, her agent Steven Axelrod, Victoria Dahl and her agent Amy Moore-Benson, on the agent/author relationship. What more could you ask of a conference?

I'm counting the hours, no minutes until I can indulge in my secret chocolate fantasy. I so hope there is some Godiva chocolate there. Or some white chocolate, or Swiss chocolate, oh my!

What is you favorite treat? It is Halloween month, and treats are coming up.


Taryn Kincaid said…
Well, since it's autumn and almost Halloween, gotta go with caramel apples. Yum.
Mary Martinez said…
We had a chocolate Buffet last night and big fluffy marshmellows dipped in melted chocolate was the best!

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