Monday's challenge in the Garden

Friday in the garden we had a grilled shrimp recipe. Lindsay brought up the subject of lobster which reminded me of something. (Oh and thanks for the recipe link from All, Lindsay--Let me know if you try it!)

In October 2008, Ron and I visited Temecula, California and did a little wine tasting. We decided to stop for lunch. If you've followed my blog long, I'm sorry if I've already told this story. However today I have a new twist!

(Yes I was a bit heavier then, that was during the year--I started in June 2008--it took me to lose my 70+ lbs. I'd lost 36 pounds--I checked my food diary--in that picture. And see I still ate out and enjoyed! And I've kept it off since May 29, 2009)

We stopped for lunch at The Falkner Winery (it was our anniversary) and I wanted lobster. They had: 
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Penne rigate pasta prepared in a four cheese sauce with lobster and prosciutto

I asked the waitress if they had lobster with anything else. There was a Seafood Portofino. I was being picky and didn't want the rest of the seafood, I just wanted lobster. I told her 'Sorry mac & cheese with lobster just doesn't sound good at all.' She told me not to think of Kraft macaroni and cheese, that this was a white asiago cheese with a penne pasta, she said "You will not be sorry."

Against my better judgment I went with the lobster mac & cheese. I was so not disappointed. OMG it was great.

After the comments on Friday I have a hunger for Lobster Mac & Cheese and I'm on a quest to either experiment on my own or find a recipe.

Here's what I'm going to do...
  1. Email Falkner Pinnacle Restaurant and see if I can set up a interview with one of the chefs.
  2. Go to the internet and Google for a recipe--which probably wouldn't be the same.
  3. Go to the store buy the ingredients and play with my own recipe and post it.
I would love to interview someone from Falkner, so wish me luck. And they had great wines!


Lindsay said…
I tried the recipe I found at Allrecipes. It was okay. But the lobster Mac and Cheese does sound interesting.
Mary said…
I received a response from the winery owner referring me to someone in the Restaurant. However, he did not email me back. But I have not given up... Yet!

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