Last Ramblings of 2009

It's December 31, 2009, and I realized this is the last time I'll be rambling on my blog this year. Weird when you say that, but tomorrow is just another day. No great mystery happens over night and you wake up to a magical knowledge that it's now a year later.

It is fun to tell people, talk to you next year, I know a bit on the immature side to think it's fun. But I'm easily amused.

Now though I come to the point of my ramble. To make some resolutions. Or set some goals to accomplish in 2010. Have any of you ever accomplished what you've set out to do in the new year?

2009 I believe, has been the closest I've ever come to reaching my goals. I said 2009 would be devoted to my writing and finding an agent. That I would write 3 to 4 books by writing every day.

I attended three writing conferences and a writing retreat and I did sign with a wonderful agent. Christine Witthohn of Book Cents literary Agency. And I completed 2 books and still have about 1/3 of the 3rd book to complete. All in all, fairly close to my original goals.

It worked so well that I'm not going to set a number on the books I write in a year, but the number of words I'm going to strive to write each day. Since this is my career, I write five days a week and take weekends off--most the time. So if I set my daily goal at 2000 words a day. Five days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, I will write at least four books. If I were actually lucky enough to accomplish those words every day, I'd finish more like six books.

I'm realistic enough to know there will be days when I'm sick, have grandkids, have places I need to be, vacation and the list goes on. So I believe 2000 words a day to strive for is a good goal. And along with that I hope together with my agent I find an editor in 2010.

Leave me a comment about what you plan to do.


Good goals! I never make goals...well, except for writing goals, anyway. This year I'm going to finish three more of my romance novels. (in 2009 I finished three as well) I'm also still trying to find an agent. That's a goal I'll never give up until I find one.

Molly Daniels said…
Happy New Year Mary:) (Tossing confetti and blowing silly paper horn)

'See' you next year, ha ha:)

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