Interview with Phyllis Campbell

I’d like to thank Phyllis Campbell for agreeing to let me interview her for my blog.

Mary: First, tell me a little about you. Something that people may not know. Like what is really unique about yourself.

Phyllis: I’m an open book! lol I think I’ve said almost everything there is to know about me. Why am I unique? Because I’m silly – and memorable. heehee

Mary: A birdie told me that you have a new release, can you tell us a bit about it? Also, do you have a link to an excerpt? Or better yet a buy link?

Phyllis: I’d love to tell you about Spanish Eyes. (remind me to thank that birdie of yours…) Here is the blurb.

In a world when women must fight for every right, Rebecca Wakefield is determined to become a Pinkerton Detective. Her plan? Capturing the notorious thief, Anton Carerra; a man known as much for his womanizing as he is for his brilliant criminal mind. Will he steal her heart, too?

Lady’s man, Anton Carrera is smitten with Rebecca from the very beginning. He wants nothing more than to seduce the stiff Miss Wakefield, until he learns she is investigating him for a crime he didn’t commit. She is innocent and na├»ve; convinced he is the villain her superiors have painted him. But her over-zealous determination places both of them in danger and he is forced to play the honorable rogue.

Sweeping her away to Padre Island off the coast of Spain seemed like a clever idea at the time. But how can he protect them both from his own uncle’s murderous games when Anton’s heart falls victim to a woman as full of independence as she is desire…

And here is the link to the book trailer -

Here is the link to buy the book from Bookstrand -

Mary: Many of you may know that Phyllis and I know each other. We are both attending the Heart of the West Utah Chapter RWA conference this weekend. What do you expect to accomplish at this conference?

Phyllis: Dare I say? I don’t want to jinx myself. But…I’ll get to pitch to an Avon editor. Avon / Harper Collins has been my target publisher since I first started writing historicals. So…I’m not going to say aloud what I wish to accomplish – you’ll have to figure it out yourself so I don’t jinx myself. (grins)

Mary: What do you like the best? A large national RWA conference or a small intimate chapter conference? And why?

Phyllis: Smaller, definitely! Why? Because the agents / editors are more personable. We’re in an environment with people / friends we know, and we can act ourselves. Things aren’t as rushed as when attending the big RWA conferences, I think.

Mary: What has been your hardest obstacle to surpass to get to where you are in your writing?

Phyllis: Making agents / editors believe I am a published writer even though I’m with small presses. The writing part is easy to me – it’s the convincing others that I’m a true writer that’s a problem.

Mary: Do you have a mentor? If you do, can you tell us who?

Phyllis: Not any more. When I first started writing, I met a lady in my RWA chapter, Caryl Davidson, who became my mentor. I went to her house once a week and we worked on my story – scene by scene. I learned a great deal from her. After that, I got the internet and joined online critique groups. I learned tons from these groups, too.

Mary: If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

Phyllis: To sell my books to a big publisher and be able to make enough money to write for a living instead of working a full time job.

Mary: Where can your fans find you? Web site, Blog, my space, etc. etc. etc.?

Phyllis: or my email – or you could join my newsletter - You can also find me at Myspace - or my blog -

Thank you, Phyllis, for joining me and answering my off the wall questions! You are welcome! Thanks for having me on your blog!


Mary, thanks so much for the interview!

Ainsley MacQueen said…
Nice interview, kids.

I love your cover, Phyllis. Sounds like a wonderful story.

See you on the mountain!

Mary said…
See you soon Ainsley!

Fun answers to my questions, Phyllis!

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