Nora Roberst Review / Vision in White

Vision in White: Book one in The Bride Quartet
Berkley Publishing

This is the newest series from Miss Nora Roberts and I'm sure you can imagine, it's a great one. What woman hasn't had dreams of a storybook wedding since the time they were a small girl? Nora takes four childhood friends who grow up with those same hopes and dreams and turn it into a business. Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac are founders of Connecticut's premier wedding planning company--Vows.

This first story is Mackensie 'Mac' Elliot's story. She spends her time behind the camera, yes she's the wedding photographer. She has issues with happily ever after, in that she doesn't believe it could happen to her. Anyway she grew up watching her mother go through men like candy. Though she has plenty of examples of the good marriages, if she'd stop and take notice.

Carter Maguire is the scholarly type, very much the opposite of what she considers her 'type'. He's also had a secret crush on her since high school. Not that she knew that.

The story between these two is hot, fun and tender. And very much worth reading. I can not wait to read the rest of these friends stories. As always Nora Roberts makes you want to turn those pages.
This is a 4 And I believe it deserves a side car


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