Nora Roberts Book Review / The Pagan Stone

The Pagan Stone: Book Three of the Sign of Seven Trilogy

The last book is finally here. I reviewed the first two, check out both reviews. Blood Brothers and also The Hollow

This is the completion of what happens in Hawkins Hollow. The story of brooding Gage Turner and feisty Cybil Kinski. Neither want to settle down, but of course they're attracted to each other in such a naughty way.

The madness continues in the Hollow, and the six players are running out of time. Every seven years it returns, but this time it has to end one way or another.

Gage and Cybil have to share things that are a part of their selves. Something neither are comfortable doing, but to find the solution they have no choice.

Not wanting to give away anything, I'm not going to say any more about the story line. The final book was a little anti-climatic for me. I loved the characters, and couldn't wait for Gage and Cybil's turn. However, I'd built it up so much in anticipation, it fell short. Nora still wrote a kick ass story and I loved it. But it didn't give me the usual satisfaction.
However I still give this a 4 and a side car


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