Nora Roberts Book Review / The Hollow

The Hollow - Book two of the Sign of Seven Trilogy
Nora Roberts
Jove Books 2008

I've finally read the second book. The first one had me up until the wee hours finishing, and this was no different. If you'd like to read the first review before, I wrote it December 10, here's the link.

Three boys made up their own ritual for their 10th birthday and became blood brothers over the pagan stone. Not only was their lives changed, but so was that of the town Hawkins Hallow. Since then every seven years, for seven days, on the seventh month, the town turns into a nightmare.

In the first book, three women who are connected to the three Friends found their way to Hawkins Hollow, now it's up to all six of them to stop whatever the madness is.

Fox and Layla have the same gift. They can feel things, other's thoughts, etc. In The Hollow they, along with the help of the others, work toward finding the answers. Layla resists her gifts, afraid of what she might find inside herself. She's a descendant of the demon, her worry is that she'll be the cause of every one's death.

Fox guides Layla to understand her gift and how to use it. Together they'll find a way to stop the nightmare. Now of course I have to wait for the next and final installment, The Pagan Stone.
I give this a 5 Now how fast can December get here?


Sultry said…
I am about 1/3 of the way through The Hollow and am enjoying it as much as I did Blood Brothers, did you notice the difference of Gramma Essies age in the 2 books? In book 1 it says gramma is 97, but in book 2 it says she is 93.
Mary said…
No I didn't. Must have been because I read the first one months ago. But at least now I don't feel so bad when I write and mess things like that up. I can not wait until the next one, I wish they weren't so far apart.
Have to admit, i was looking forward to this one.. and it really bored me. (ooooo, i hate saying that about ANYTHING Nora writes) but its sadly true. Didnt enjoy this one half as much as Blood Brothers. But im SUPER excited about Gage's story. I love the bad boys! lol
Mary said…
Yes I'm with you there, I love Gage, he just is so, so bad. And Cybil is fiesty she can handle her bad boy!
tiffany said…
ok i had to read it for one of my summer reading books and i loved it i have never read anything like it!!! i can't wait for the third one.

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