Brenda Novak Review / Trust Me

Trust Me

Trust Me is the first book of a series, and as usual Brenda starts out with a gripping story.

Skye Kellerman narrowly escaped an attempted rape attack with her life. Now the assailant is getting out of prison early. Will she be able to cope? She's formed an organization with her two friends--both victims of assault--to help other victims of crime.

David Willis, Detective for the Sacramento Police Force, investigated her cast and believes that her assailant also murdered two other women. Both cases have never been solved. Although the assailants friends and family stand by the upstanding doctor.

David and Skye have a chemistry that hooks you and reels you in from the beginning. The suspense keeps you turning, you know they are running out of time. But it's not just one mystery, Brenda throws in a little bit of a bonus for her readers. This is a great read and I recommend it.
I give this a 4


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