Elizabeth Lane Book Review / The Stranger

The Stranger
Harlequin Historical Western

I love Caleb and Laura, two great characters. This is a story of two wounded, emotionally scarred people.

Laura had a reason to be afraid of strangers, the scar on her face was a constant reminder. When Caleb shows up out of no where he isn't welcomed with opened arms.

Caleb wants Laura in the worst way, but his past is an obstacle as big as a mountain between them. And if he tells her, he knows she'll hate him.

Watching these two afraid to love, but unable to help it, is a great story. I loved the little boy, that helped bond them. This is one you'll all want to read.
I give this a 4 Enjoy! Great for a long winter night by the fire.


Jacquie said…
I do love westerns. Nice review!


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