Darlene Scalera Book Review / May the Best Man Wed

May The Best Man Wed
Darlene Scalera
American Romance / Harlequin

This is a pretty old book, once in awhile I'll do that. I tried to find a web site for Ms. Scalera and could not find a current working one. She may not be writing any more.

Savannah Sweetfield is your A-type person, everything in order, a to do list a mile long and she follows all the rules. And her fiance is the same. They match in every way.

Cash Walker is the best man. The groom's brother, he couldn't be more opposite from his brother. He love's excitement and the board room is not for him. Breaking the rules is part of his everyday routine.

Cash and Savannah team up to find the lost bridgegroom and I believe most of you can figure out what happens from there.
I give this 3It's a quick fun read. Great for the beach or in front of the fire place.


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