Just Got Back

Just got back from RWA Nationals. Well I got back on Sunday, but I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. I was there for five days but it felt like a month. Not in a bad way, just so much information to process through my old brain. I just hope I remember all the valuable things I learned.

I met friends who I had met on the loops, it's always fun to put name to face. I found out that Dallas or just the Hyatt Regency, or a little of both is very expensive.

My favorite workshop was Chat with Nora Roberts. She's just a hoot. And she gives you practical information and advice. Just do it and stop whining. There is no right way, you have a style all your own and you write the way that's comfortable for you. And if you're complaining about, I can't write because I don't have time. Or I can't write because my kids won't let me. Or I have my grand kids all the time. They're all just excuses. And this is true, that last one about grandkids is mine!

Well I need to get editing my newly finished Four Sisters. Hope all of you have a nice day.


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