Welcome to my Birthday Blog Contest

Good Morning.

I'm going to start off with a fun story about my husband's 50th birthday. I had planned a surprise for his birthday. I rented the hall at church, got a Keoroke DJ and invited about 70 people. Our dauther and her boyfriend even flew in from California. Pretty much everyone was there.

I had printed out an invitation and put it on the fridge saying we were invited to our friends daughters birthday party down at the church. I told him we were going to stop by the church and drop off presents (I had wrapped a few gag gifts in kid wrap) and then I would take him to a birthday dinner.

He had made me promise I wouldn't do anything big for his 50th birthday. I had taken the day off work to decorate and get things ready. So when I got home from work we both got ready then drove to the church.

It didn't matter that he recognized some of the cars because he thought it was Hannah's birthday. I had paged my son as we left the house to let everyone know we were on our way. (yes before cell phones).

I opened the double doors and we walked in, there stood everyone in a half circle and they yelled surprise. My husband stopped dead with a shocked expression on his face and without a word turned around and walked out.

I didn't know whether to wait or go after him. After about 2 or 3 minutes he walked back in and smile. "She got me, I had no clue!"

So anyway at least I have a few more years to top that for his 60th!

Okay anyone who posts a fun story about a birthday will be put into a drawing for a
Book Thong by Mary, 1.7 fl. oz Body Lotions, shower gels and bubble baths.

I will put those who responded to the original post in also.
Good luck and I can't wait to read the stories.


robynl said…
I'm here Mary but will post my story after the morning gets started for me.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY *throws confetti* and is red faced from blowing balloons, lol.
Mary said…
Thanks! I'm impressed you said Balloons as in plural. I'd be redfaced after one ballon! Thanks for the ballons and I'll be watching for your story.
Maureen said…
Happy Birthday Mary!

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband brought me to my parents house to celebrate my birthday. I didn't think there was anything unusual except when I opened the door there was my father with the camera and all these people yelling, "Surprise!" I couldn't understand why you would throw a surprise birthday party for someone's twenty-sixth birthday (this was many years ago). When I saw the baby decorations I realized it was my baby shower not my birthday celebration.
sharon said…
Great idea and I love your story.
robynl said…
One evening I came home from work and my then hubby was making a pot of chili; this was somewhat unusal that he was cooking but I thought hey, that's good. I kept after him about why we weren't eating and he said that it wasn't done. Unbeknownst to me, he had invited his sister and her husband over to surprise me for my birthday. I felt sheepish because I was after him about why we weren't eating; it's like, I'm here, you're here, let's eat. I did not know he had invited others over. He finally had to tell me why the delay and I felt bad then that I had kept after him. SURPRISE!!!
Hello Mary,

Loved your story. Happy Birthday To You!

Here is my story :-)

Every birthday we celebrate with the family we always have one cake where we throw it at each other. First the b-day person gets it LoL then we take a picture of it LoL.

In 2001 was my first b-day I spent with my fiance because that is the yr we got together. Since it was the first b-day I am spending with him didn't think my family would embarrass me Ha should have known better LoL. The funny part about it was my fiance did it. He was the one to put cake all over my face. At first I was upset because I felt embarrass. Then I looked at him and he was just laughing so I laughed along with him. It was alot of fun :)

Lisa said…
I can tell you the biggest mistake I ever made was inviting the entire 1st grade class to my son's birthday. I had nearly 30, 6 and 7 year olds terrorizing me, the dogs, and destroying the house. I even had the lovely idea of a game where I put powder in ballons and the kids stomped on them. Never again. we now have parties at local activity places like the arcade and bowling alley.

terri said…
For the 1st 5 years of my sons life I celebrated his birthday on Aug. 29th and sent my father in law a birthday card for his birthday on Aug 26. Imagine my embarrassment when I get out my sons birth certificate to enroll him in school and realized his birthday was the 26th and my father in laws was the 29th.
Mary said…
What fun stories! I'm glad I said I'd be putting them in a drawing and not trying to pick the most fun.

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