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Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.
~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Into Something Good: Book 1 

That Special Something Series

by Stanalei Fletcher

 A poignant homecoming forms the foundation for new beginnings.


Cayme Foster returns home to deal with her mom's fatal illness and is faced with memories and secrets
she'd rather forget. Her old crush and his adorable eight-year-old son will make it even more difficult to leave town again.

Single dad Rick Morrison had his shot at marriage and isn't willing to risk rejection a second time. If only he wasn't compelled to rescue Cayme whenever he's around her, making it hard to keep his distance.

He's conflicted about helping Cayme save her home, but the truth rises with the floodwaters, and they just might find love on the high ground after all.


Indecision crept into her eyes, tinged with a touch of fear and sadness too. 

That protective feeling washed over him. “Or how about this? How about we tell your brother the truth— that I foolishly jumped in with both feet to rescue you from Peters by announcing our engagement. And after discussing it over tonight, we realized this is a good thing for both of us. It may have started out as a fake, but it’s real now.” 

Her gaze swung to his face. A tiny light of hope—of gratitude—gleamed in the depths of her blue eyes. 

Stepping closer, he captured her shoulders. She quivered under his touch. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and shield her from every single worry in her world. He couldn’t do that, but he could offer to bear some of her burdens. “Say yes, Cayme.”

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About Stanalei:

Stanalei Fletcher is an award-winning author of suspense and speculative romantic fiction. She has over twenty years of training in the martial arts and holds the rank of Sandan, a third-degree black belt, in Aikido. 

After a taste of life on both U.S. coasts, she now resides near the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with her hero, who just happens to be her best friend and husband. . Together they enjoy backcountry dirt trails on a RZR, visiting our National Parks, or exploring museums and ghost towns. You may visit Stanalei at: 

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Thank you for all your support. I hope you take a moment to check out this fantastic book!


stanalei said…
Thanks so much for sharing my story, Mary.
And to your visitors: I hope you're able take pause during this day of remembrance and embrace gratitude for those who wore the uniform and gave the supreme sacrifice for us all.

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