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Here is Part III of my journey. 

As mentioned in the Vlog, please, help me consider some titles of my new suspense/thriller I'm shopping around. Right now the working title is A Dangerous Trial. 


In a race against time, Booker searches for the doctor responsible for the bogus clinical trial. 

A blink of an eye. That’s all it took for her life to change forever. After two years, Marcie Faraday still doesn’t believe the crash that took her family was an accident. She is determined to find the answers, even if the truth puts her in danger.

It is the worst part of the job. Detectives Booker Dixson and Lashelle Valentine must deliver the news to Jonas Faraday’s widow. Neither believes it should have been ruled an accident. 

Booker and Lashelle uncover a connection between Marcie’s late husband and her father’s clinical trial. Coincidence or ploy? Booker Dixson does not believe in coincidence. 

A Dangerous Trial is a thrilling journey to uncover the secrets that threaten to shatter the perfect picture of Marcie and her family.  

Any thoughts would be helpful. I like the newer title better than the original working one, but I'm still not satisfied.

The title I use as a working title or if I self-publish will win the:
Celtic Myst

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