Irish News and Notes

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May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart and warmed by the smiles of the people you love. 
~~Irish Saying

IRISH News and Notes
This is recap of ML's news in January. However, this is the month of the green and all things Irish! Celtic Myst CUPÁN OF FLÚIRSE is most definitely Irish! Plus I need to tell you ALL the ways you can win a copy of a print or eBook. 

March 1 thru 31st Celtic Myst CUPÁN OF FLÚIRSE will be on sale! Also, ML has a rafflecopter to giveaway for you to enter! See below to enter. 

And there will be an extra giveaway on March 31st (Entries will be accepted 3/28 - 3/31)
You may say "Wow that is a lot of giveaways!" I'm not done yet! 
You can enter win in the following places through out the month:
  1. NN Light's Book Haven: 
    1. Are Ye Feeling a Wee Bit Lucky Giveaway:  
    2. Literary Giveaway Portal:
  2. N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Shake Off Winter Doldrums Book Festival. Celtic Myst will be spotlighted on March 9, 2021.
And of course there is ONE more. On Two Authors, Books & a Beverage you can win a fun bag, and print books of Celtic Myst by ML Foxx and Quartering Act by Judy Baker and other fun goodies. For more details check here...

And in case you're new to Mary's Garden here is a blurb from Celtic Myst CUPÁN OF FLÚIRSE:


The Cupán of Flúirse Part 1
Forged by the gods, the Cupán of Flúirse is born under the thunder of Taranis, fashioned with symbols of the elements to bring peace and abundance to the clans.

In Search of the Cupán of Flúirse Part 2
A journey through the ages, a battle with evil, and a sacrifice for all that was lost.

Returning the Cupán of Flúirse Part 3
​A prophecy, a final epic battle and a mystery revealed.

Celtic Myst is a story of good against evil. A story of great love that sans centuries. And above all, a story of courage.

And we can't forget the 5+ star review read here...
Buy Links:   

All winners will be announce April 1, 2021. (No fooling)
Good luck with your entries! 
Thank you all of your continued support. 


stanalei said…
WooHoo! Good luck to everyone!

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