Time to Plant your Bulbs for Spring! By PJ Sharon

Welcome to Mary's Garden Blog. We have one of our special guest back, PJ Sharon! I'm always excited to see her, she has some great tips!

Gardening Tip: Planning Ahead
As summer fades and fall’s colorful pallet blesses us with its bounty, it’s a good time to contemplate Spring. I know; most of us are too busy dreading the long New England winter closing in to think about next Spring already, but if you want to enjoy an equally colorful May and June, you’ll want to plant your Spring bulbs before the first heavy frost. Early bloomers like crocus, hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips are ready to go in any time now. If you’re worried about squirrels and chipmunks digging them up, lay a small square of chicken wire over the hole before you
bury them. You might want to consider planting Allium as well. Great for cut flowers, I like the giant variety, as they add a bold splash of purple in early June and spread a little each year. So, as you’re collecting your pumpkins and decorating for fall, don’t forget to plan ahead for Spring!

Speaking of planning ahead. Since my latest novella,
LIBERTY’S PROMISE, book 5 in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA Novella Series, is due out in a few weeks, I thought you might like to start the series from the beginning. Catch up with Brinn Hathaway—kidnap survivor turned rookie cop—and her friend and roomie, Daniella Hernandez, (who is at the heart of LIBERTY’S PROMISE), as the two young women take on a corrupt NYC officer who once stalked her.

Considered New Adult fiction, this series is perfect for older teens, college-age students, or adults who enjoy coming of age stories with kick-butt heroines. Of course, Brinn is now twenty, torn about the complicated relationships she’s faced with, and trying to start her new career as a police officer, all while still recovering from her childhood ordeal of having been kidnapped and left for dead in the North Georgia High Country.

So, anyone who likes action, adventure and a bit of romance, you might just fall in love with this series. And no worries; I know how busy we all are, so I’ve made it easy for you to enjoy Brinn’s journey without derailing the rest of your life, lol. Novellas are the perfect length for readers who want a satisfying, fast-paced, reading snack (each novella is about 30k words or 150 pages).

Download the original novel for FREE and get the first four novellas on Amazon for under $10. To find links to other devices, check out my website! Sign up for my occasional newsletter for notification of book releases and events.

I’m offering advanced copies of LIBERTY’S PROMISE to readers willing to post an honest review on release day. Just leave a comment below if you’re interested and I’ll contact you. Reviews are an author’s greatest thanks for what we do!

As a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPFT), and Yoga Instructor, Ms. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients and workshops. A graduate of Springfield Technical Community College and the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Ms. Sharon also holds certifications as a personal trainer through the NFPT and teaches therapeutic yoga.

In addition to authoring award winning young adult novels, PJ Sharon owns ABSolute Fitness and Therapeutic Bodywork in East Granby, CT. With over twenty-five years in the health and fitness industry, Ms. Sharon finally wrote the holistic living, self-help guide her clients have been asking for.

When she’s not writing romantic and hopeful stories for teens, or spreading the love through her practice, she can be found kayaking in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and renovating an old farmhouse with the love of her life.

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Peace and blessings,

Thank you for joining us today, it's always a pleasure to have you.


stanalei said…
The series sounds awesome, PJ. And you're right about novella's being the right length. Wishing you the best.
PJ Sharon said…
Thanks, stanalei! It's been so much fun to write it. I'm leaving the series in a good place. I could come back to it at some point in the future but Im ready to move on for now. Probably to something full length again, but I do love novellas!
Mary said…
It does sound great. I have loved having you join us!
PJ Sharon said…
It's been a pleasure, Mary.

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