Introducing my alter personality....

Welcome to Mary's Garden. I am excited for two reasons. One, Tim, the Backyard Boss reached out with a link to his blog. Wonderful fall instructions for the garden. And two, I'm going to reveal my alter ego.... I'm just learning how to control her.

First our fall garden tip: 
Fall might not be everyone’s favorite season, but for gardening enthusiasts, it means new planting opportunities. While discouraging for some people, fall brings forth perfect cultivation opportunities, especially in terms of vegetable, so that people who are passionate about gardening can continue with their hobby regardless of the cold ahead.

Naturally, your fall planting and harvest will vary depending on the climate conditions of the area where you live. On a general note, fall crops take longer to grow, because they receive less warmth and sunlight, with days being shorter than they are in summer. To read more about fall crops, check out the Backyard Boss.

Welcome to the worlds of ML Foxx!
ML has lived her life in Utah. She loves the mountains. Some day she’d like to move to Ireland, home of her ancestors. ML and her hubby love to travel anywhere. As long as they’re together and it’s an adventure. Her favorite places she has visited is Ireland, Scotland, and Tuscany, Italy.

She loves to hear from fans. This is her first jaunt into Fantasy and Sci-Fi, she loves it. It gives her freedom of choice.  She also loves to go to the movies and you got it… Watch the Avengers, Dead Pool, among others.

When ML is not writing or traveling she is hanging out with family.

You’ll see more books soon…

She has one book out and a trilogy coming next year. It is sort of weird to talk about myself as 'she'. But ML is totally different from Mary and writes different Genre's.

ML has one novella.
Bewitched and Bedazzled  Available Now
​A sexy interlude to curl up with.
According to the Runes, whimsical Wiccan shop owner Cassandra Ballard must
wait for her soul mate—she’ll know him when he enters her life. However, recent fantasies and dreams have left her bewildered and confused. With the help of her best friend Francie, she tries to decipher what they could mean.

Sexy handy man, Dylan McCabe, bears a striking resemblance to the man in Cassie's dreams. Every time he enters her shop, her heart beats to the drum of a ritual older than time.

With the arrival of the winter solstice drawing near, will Cassie resist Dylan’s persistent advances or can he possibly be the man of her dreams and her soul mate?

Available on Amazon

Coming February 1, 2020

Celtic Myst Trilogy
Book I The Cupán of Flúirse

​Celtic Myst Trilogy is a story of good against evil. A story of great love that spans centuries. And above all, a story of courage.

It started thousands of years ago, before the measure of time...
The wizard, Amergin, provides wisdom and protection for the descendants of the Tuatha de Dannan, the Tribe of Danu. The witch, Mourdra, sworn enemy of the de Dannan's, sends her dragon and deamhans at every opportunity to destroy the village.

To protect the de Dannan’s, Amergin creates the Cupán of Flúirse. Forged by the Gods and Goddesses and fashioned with symbols of the elements it brings peace and abundance to the clan.

Nuadha de Dannan and his wife, Maeve, care for the talisman. Over the years, peace reigns, until Nuadha's daughter, Aibell Brid’s, ninth birthday when Mourdra attempts to steal the Cupán of Flúirse. She fails. Instead strips Aibell of her voice. Through the years following, Aibell finds joy in her music and when she marries the warrior, Cuchulain, the witch’s curse is broken. They have a daughter, Derdriu, their pride and joy. 

On Derdriu’s ninth birthday Mourdra strikes again. This time, the witch is victorious. She has taken that which is most important to Aibell Brid: The Cupán of Flúirse and her family. Aibell is condemned to wander the earth forever seeking her loved ones who are just outside her reach.

Cover reveal coming January 6, 2020.

You can find ML Foxx on the following Social Medias:
Web Site: h

ML is trying for a following by the time the Trilogy comes out. Please follow her or friend her today. Comment if you do and you'll be in a drawing for a free download of Bewitched and Bedazzled. 

Thank you everyone!


stanalei said…
How cool that you got a gardening guru to check your blog out. And congrats and good luck on your alter personality.

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