Guest PJ Sharon talks about Green Tomatoes and a COVER REVEAL!

Welcome to Mary's Garden. I'm excited for PJ's Post on both green tomatoes but especially her cover reveal. I love cover reveals, don't you!

Garden Tip: What to do with all those green tomatoes
There is nothing like a red, ripe, juicy, garden fresh tomato! I look forward to the “real thing” all winter long and that first taste of a fresh-off-the-vine beef steak tomato late in July makes every summer memory of my childhood come rushing back. Tomato and mayo sandwiches on Wonder bread, BLT’s on toasted rye, canning jar after jar of homemade sauce, and looking forward to collecting all those leftover green tomatoes to make jam. Some of the larger, less-than-ripe ones were wrapped in newspaper and placed in a cardboard box for a few weeks until they’d ripen and give us a bumper crop to enjoy at the end of the summer, but when September rolled around and we’d had our fill, we’d collect the green tomatoes and make this simple, super-tasty green tomato jam. Try it with your kids or grandchildren. They’ll love it!

One batch includes 2 ½ cups pureed green tomatoes (about 3 medium)
2 cups sugar
1 package (3 ounces) raspberry gelatin
  • In a large saucepan, bring tomatoes and sugar to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat; stir in gelatin until dissolved. Skim off any foam.
  • Pour into jars or containers, leaving 1/2-in. headspace. Cool before covering with lids. Refrigerate up to 3 weeks.
That’s it! Enjoy…
What do you do with all your green tomatoes? Do you fry them, can them, or leave them for the birds and chipmunks?
Any recipes or ideas you’d like to share?

Cover Reveal
Speaking of sharing…
One of my favorite parts of indie publishing is collaborating with an awesome cover artist who takes my ideas and magically transforms them into what I envisioned. Kim Killion of The Killion Group has done most of my covers over the years and she never lets me down. Her reasonable prices, quick turnaround, and ease to work with keep me coming back time and again.

Branding, color and font choices, and visibility (covers must stand out in thumbnail-sized pics on the web), are all important factors when designing a book cover. I know what I like, and I usually pick out the background and character shots from stock photo sites, but I don’t have the artistic imagination to put it all together. Thankfully, Kim takes my ideas, combines them seamlessly, and brings to life a cover with overall appeal, an expression of the genre, and a hint of the theme. An impressive talent, to be sure!

Let me know what you think…
Liberty’s Promise, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series is due out this fall. The story continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. After barely escaping with her life on her previous case, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.
Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend and righting an old wrong is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the serial stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs.

Thank you for joining me and my characters on this writer’s journey!
Download the first book, SAVAGE CINDERELLA, for free, and find buy links to the novella series on my website.

As a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Personal Fitness
Trainer (CPFT), and Yoga Instructor, Ms. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients and workshops. A graduate of Springfield Technical Community College and the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Ms. Sharon also holds certifications as a personal trainer through the NFPT and teaches therapeutic yoga.

In addition to authoring award winning young adult novels, PJ Sharon owns ABSolute Fitness and Therapeutic Bodywork in East Granby, CT. With over twenty-five years in the health and fitness industry, Ms. Sharon finally wrote the holistic living, self-help guide her clients have been asking for.
When she’s not writing romantic and hopeful stories for teens, or spreading the love through her practice, she can be found kayaking in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and renovating an old farmhouse with the love of her life.

Peace and blessings,

I love the cover! Congratulations! Tomatoes are awesome too. Thank you for sharing, can't wait until you're next post!


stanalei said…
Love your covers, PJ. Best of luck with the new release and the green tomato jam. Sounds delicious.
PJ Sharon said…
Thanks, Stanalei!

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