2018 Utah Reader's Luncheon

Welcome to Mary's Garden. I'm going to share what a fun time we had at the Utah Reader's Luncheon. First a garden tips from You Should Grow.

Go ahead and clean up the summer garden before it gets too cold.

Once the plants are dead, it is good practice to remove them as soon as possible. Fungal disease and many garden pests will overwinter in the dead leaves and stems.

Compost only the healthy plants that show no signs of disease.

Now it's time to tell you about the 2018 Utah Reader's Luncheon.
I attended an amazing event this weekend with many authors and over 150 readers. If you have never attended a readers event you're missing out. Not only do you see authors you know, you meet #1 NY Times bestselling authors and many more. You make friends for life.

We got to the hotel on Friday and unloaded everything. After we finished it was time to go to the airport to pick up our Key Note speaker
and one of our very important readers. Once we returned to the hotel, our special guest only had 45 minutes to spare before giving a workshop to the hosting Authors. After which we all went to dinner. Who was our Key Note? Susan Wiggs and her wonderful words inspired us all that evening.

The next day started at 7 am. Time to set up the table for the luncheon, The table for the signings. It had to be perfect for our readers.

There was a meet and greet where the readers got all the authors signature for a game. It also broke the ice and gave them a chance to meet all the authors and find out what genre they wrote.

We gave away a canvas bag chock full of goodies. We had a contest to win everything on the table. But not only that, everyone received a green bag of goodies at registration.  Then there were giveaways galore.

After a breakfast buffet we were gifted with
some more words of wisdom from Lisa Bingham. After bringing us to tears, she quickly turned our tears to laughter. Once we could breathe again, she introduced Susan Wiggs for her Key Note. She delivered to reader and author alike words to inspire and explain the life an author.

To wrap things up, all the authors went to
their signing tables. And the readers went to visit a little more while browsing through all the wonderful books.

JudyStanalei, myself, and Sabrina, one of the readers at our table, went to do a little brandy and wine tasting. Then off to dinner to relax and end a great event.

Next years Utah Readers Luncheon welcomes #1 NYT Bestselling Author Susan Mallery. October 12, 2019. Registration begins April 1, 2019. A ticket is only $48.95. 

Thank you for dropping by to relive our event. 


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