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Welcome to Mary's Garden. I'm trying to think of a garden tip of the day. I'll ask the residence expert, my husband. And here is his expert advise. "Talk to your plants, encourage them to grow and make them feel as if they're the only plant in the garden."

Brenda Novak's Launch party. A few pictures from the Wine tour.
Getting ready to go on our adventure to wine country!

Time for lunch at Cooper Winery

One of my new friends!

A few pictures from the Mimosa Brunch.
Ready for brunch with my new friends. Judy, Sabrina, Glennis, Lynnell. 
Brenda, her assistant and her daughter.

Two Cool couples. Suzanne and Amy and husbands.
Brenda, Me and her grandbaby Ella.

Judy, Glennis, Me, Suzanne

A few pictures from our Annual Backpack Fundraiser.
Bella is thinking about helping.
We even had the hulk.

Lots of good food.

Many Helpers
49er fans

Everyone who helped

100 backpacks! 50 to go to the Navajo reservation and 50 to a local school district.
She's done!

And I'm proud of my grandson who's trying to build a name as a guitarist. He started a YouTube Chanel a few days ago, he has three cover songs. Here is one of his covers. Please feel free to share it.


stanalei said…
Great pictures and what a talented grandson!
Mary said…
Thanks for dropping by Stanalei. I just hope he keeps up with his music!

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