Promotion AGAIN

Welcome to my garden. I'd like to share with you a tip for growing raspberries. Of course, it's not MY tip, but from a blog I found!

Today I'm going to video blog on my nemesis... PROMOTION! I know I have jabbered about this before, but apparently it's still giving me nightmares. Enjoy!

Here are the two banner's that I have done using a combination MS Publisher and my new Adobe Photoshop Elements 15, which I swear does not like me! Watching Jenny (I may tweak the writing on this).

Four Sisters

Visit my web site tell me what you think. Just so you know the main banner with me on it, History Mysteries, and Classic Murder: Mr. Romance banners were all done by my cover artist Sheri McGathy. The rest are all my work, these two are my creations using both MS Publisher and Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about promotion and PLEASE share any tips you have with us. Thank you for dropping by.


stanalei said…
Way to keep at and keep learning Mary. I think they look great!

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