Memories for Memorial day

Welcome to the garden. Everyone grab some goodies and your favorite beverage. I'm trying to go healthy so you'll see more fruits and vegetables.

Now that you're comfortable, Memorial day is a day we set aside each year to remember those we've lost. I have lost too many loved ones during my life. I've lost good friends and many relatives to that awful cancer. I've lost both my parents and I've lost many people who have touched my life in some way.

There are many I have never met who've defended our country also. And memorial day is the day we all give thanks for those dedicated men and women who risk their lives and some have lost their life so that we can have a safer one. I'm very grateful to these wonderful people even though I may not know them.

I think about my loved ones that I've lost a lot. Sometimes I will go a few days, but mostly I keep them in my heart at all times. It is nice to have a day though that is dedicated to remembering. I try to think of fun things that we used to do together. I also, try to remember things they liked and places we've traveled together.

There are certain places I visit that remind me of them. When I go to New York and visit Tavern on the Green I think of my friend Denise, because I went there for the first time with her. When I watch the Kentucky Derby I think of my mom because she loved to watch the Derby and she always wanted to go, but she never had the opportunity. Therefore it is on my bucket list and I know that in my heart she'll be there with me.

What are some of the memories do you have?


Melissa Keir said…
When I was younger, we would watch the parade that went through downtown S. Amherst and ended at Evergreen cemetery. Then we would have a picnic in the cemetery and put the flags on the graves. S. Amherst is so small that the cemetery features many of my family and so it was like coming home.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for dropping by Melissa. We used to do the same thing with our kids when they were young, well not the parade but go to the cemetery where my mom and dad are and we'd have a picnic. Now the kids are grown and on their own.

My friends are family are so wide spread now that I remember them mostly in my heart.

stanalei said…
Wishing you a belated Happy Memorial Day, Mary.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Stanalei! Thank you for dropping by!

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