I have a new day job!

I would love to hear what you have planned for the summer! Please leave a comment and let me know.

You can also find me on my Web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Amazon, and Goodreads.  Please come and visit me on all of these places!

OHHHH, I forgot I have Mary's Book Group. We read a book and discuss it. We get together about every six weeks. It's fun. Please join us!

You may also want to meet other authors at the Utah Readers Luncheon!


Melissa Keir said…
Good luck with the new job!
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you Melissa. I wish I could just write all day and actually make money!!
stanalei said…
Congratulations and wishing you the best, Mary!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Stanalei! So far I like it.

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