Welcome to writing office woes.

Welcome to Mary's garden! The beginning of fall is in the air, the crispness, the touch of color beginning to bloom in the trees. Awwww... My favorite season. Plus there's football. Grab some goodies, I had a lot left over from tailgating the other day. And of course your favorite beverage.

Let's discuss, shall we? What are we about to discuss? Well it's one of my pet peeves. My writing office. As soon as the kids moved out, my husband said, "Why don't you make an office in one of the empty bedrooms." Well did I need any more prompting? No! Not just no, but HELL no. I went on line and searched for the perfect desk. An L shape with cupboards and shelves above and storage drawers. and then it was done. I was a REAL writer with an office any everything. The only, well one of the only flies in the ointment, I have a day job. UGH. Well somehow we have to pay the bills until I become a famous author--which hopefully will happen prior to my death.

So why is it my pet peeve you ask? Because it's now the catch all for everything. When I have writing time I need two things, LOTS OF LOUD MUSIC, and a clean environment. Which means a clean desk. Over the years I have said, "No more!" and cleaned until it's spic and span (if you do not remember that phrase you're young). Then I try to keep it organized and little by little clutter creeps in like a thief in the night.

SIGH. The music is the easy part, Pandora... But as I sit in anticipation of the words jumping from my fingers to the page I try to ignore the Christmas present waiting to be wrapped even though it's only September. I have eleven grandchildren, I need to start early.

Then there are the boxes and sacks of things that I cleaned out of my desk at my old job in anticipation for my new job.

The old kitchen chairs.

Misc. papers scattered about the desk.

It's no wonder I get more writing done when I'm away from my desk with my laptop.


stanalei said…
LOL - I gave up writing at my writing desk. The recliner it the living room is now my writing space.
Mary Martinez said…
I think you've got the right idea. I have used my lap tray a lot out on the patio. I love it!

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