It's DONE!!!!

Happy Fall and welcome to Mary's Garden. If you haven't been here before, we start out by having a few goodies. Check out the tables under the canopies, help yourself to whatever and don't forget your favorite beverage. Find a seat and I'm going to bore you with my news. I'm so excited! I'm not sure what my retired husband will do now, his projects are all pretty much done. However, I'm sure he'll find something to break... er I mean fix. He said he's going to look at the TV in the kids room. Our room for when the grandkids come over. I'm pretty sure it's not working because he tried to do something when one of the kids were over. BUT if it keeps him busy.

So if you recall the beginning of last summer I started a kitchen remodel. I stripped and sanded the cupboards, changed the hardware and painted the walls. Oh, I took the ugly valance down and replaced with cookware hangers (not sure what they're called, but my pans hang on them now.)

This summer, my husband tore out the bar counter and tiled the floor and the counters. And now we have a new look. I posted a midway update in July. But here are pictures of the original kitchen and then the current pictures.


Now are you ready? Here is the final product. I LOVE it.....

It's exactly what I was going for... Old Farm House. What do you think????


stanalei said…
LOVE it!!!
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you, Stanalei. I do too!

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