Entertain me, don't depress me!

Welcome to the Garden. How is everyone? I hope you're having a wonderful spring. Help yourselves to some goodies and a beverage and settle in for a chat about entertainment.

When I read a book, go to a movie, or even a play I want to be entertained. That does not mean depress me. I have season tickets, or had season tickets to one of the small local play houses, over the past two years the plays--though interesting--became progressively more depressing. The other night I went with my friends to Stupid Fucking Bird, and thought it was okay, it was depressing. Were there funny parts? Yes. Were there serious parts? Yes. But the depressing parts outweighed the others. The play ended with the characters telling what happened to them years later, Like one died at 61 when a drunk driver hit one, one died in nine months confused but content. Then one held a gun to his head "I shoot myself", then he lowered it "or not." Depressing.

Give me comedy. I want to laugh my ass off. I took two of my grandsons to see Deadpool... Yes I know Bad Nana but in my defense, it's a Marvel comic, I thought how bad can it be? And my son went with us. Of course, amidst our laughter my son and I were raising eyebrows at each other during several scenes. So yes, that was entertaining and raunchy and I loved it.

If you can't give me comedy, give me suspense. The kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Wondering what is going to come around the corner. The kind you're screaming at the character "Don't go there!" Because you know what's on the other side of the door, or down the stairs. Etc.

What it comes down to, if you want to entertain me, I want to see something that I have to wear a Depends because I know I'll be laughing so hard I'll pee my pants. Or I have to wear a diaper because I'll be so scared I may poop my pants.

That all being said... Give me a concert! If I can't find comedy or suspense music takes me away. I have my earbuds in so I can listen to my tunes all day. Music feeds my soul. I know I'm a dork.

Yes Entertain me. DO NOT depress me. Life is depressing enough as it is. Everyone has drama, sadness, frustrations, and depression in every day life. Maybe not every day but you get my drift. Movies, Books, and plays should take you away from all of your daily stress. Entertain you!

What entertains you?


stanalei said…
Go see Zootopia! Loved the laughs!!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for dropping by Stanalei. I do have to check out that movie. I've heard it's great!

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