Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Garden everyone, yes it's mighty cold out there. I am checking in to tell you my plans for 2016. Before we get started, please grab some goodies over on the table, and pour yourself a cold or hot beverage.

Resolutions? No I am not going to make any this year. I always end up breaking them. I am so busy with my day job, and the commute takes a major part of my day. We are very active with family and friends. My plan is to write as much as possible. I have a writing day, a full 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with my critique partner every other month. Then when I can I sneak in a mini writing retreat, I will. My husband is going to see our son in Brooklyn for a long weekend, so I'll have two full days to write and a couple of evenings. And my critique partner and I will have our yearly retreat in April.

I'm also planning a few marketing or promotional weeks. I've determined to enlist friends instead of paying to participate with someone else. I'm also going to romance the local librarian and see if she will help me contact other libraries and do a library tour. A panel with a Q and A and then a book signing.

I plan to keep doing character interviews, I've noticed it is something my readers have enjoyed.

Those are my plans as you can see, I tried not to overwhelm myself with unrealistic resolutions. Hopefully, this year will be a great year.

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and may this be the year your dreams come true. Please stay safe!


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